I especially like the idea of referring to people who promote anti-user UX as hucksters.

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@junglestrike @vinzv @phildini @bob at this point I would even be happy to ignore the "average user" for now, if all the people and organisations who know the importance of free and decentralised systems would finally start using them instead of complaining on Twitter & Co that they are not perfect.

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Tim Berners-Lee on the Web: "The system is failing"


<<“I’m still an optimist, but an optimist standing at the top of the hill with a nasty storm blowing in my face, hanging on to a fence,” said the British computer scientist.

“We have to grit our teeth and hang on to the fence and not take it for granted that the web will lead us to wonderful things,” he said.>>
<<“People are being distorted by very finely trained AIs that figure out how to distract them,”>>

You may be pondering, "I, Eric, feel an emotion but don't know how to convey it." Do I have the Web site for you!


Eric Conveys an Emotion brings you all your emotion-conveying needs, from surprised (good) to surprised (bad)! Who can forget "just realized you bought the wrong fabric softener"! And we can all relate to "Shouldn't have eaten a whole bag of Wow! Doritos"!

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So many blogs these days offering no RSS/Atom. Ugh. My option then is generally to not read said blogs and quickly forget they exist.

Is it possible that there is no RDF ontology for plants? I must be missing something.

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shoutout to all the web developers who hate web development. heyyyy *waves*

The pace at which "the Web is dying!" articles are being published has sped up I'm the past six months, which makes me optimistic that some collective group will launch the Web replacement we want.

(Hopefully we'll recognize it when we see it!)

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Hackers (1995) but every scene's been replaced by that one skateboard floppy disk handoff scene

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The state of the web 

Sometimes I despair about the web so much that it's difficult to even talk about. This post from Dave Rupert captures a lot of my feelings: daverupert.com/2017/11/the-med

Yay it's !

Today be sure to play through the interactive fiction games based on They Might Be Giant's "Apollo 18" album!


Note that "Fingertips" is split into 20 games, each winnable in exactly one move. Of course.

My favorite is "Everything is Catching on Fire".

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I have been having similar thoughts, but I think I came to a different conclusion.

1) People should write software again.

2) Websites should go back to mostly being about publishing information sharing.

3) Desktop software should integrate more network aware functionality.

The internet is more than a web browser, and I miss having a good email program.

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Mastodon is nifty. But on some real, getting with the IndieWeb is the ultimate wave.

Has no one done a decentralized dating service yet? Swiping The Fediverse?

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the idea of “programming is practical and will help you get a job!” is reaaaaally getting in the way of “programming is strange and beautiful and will help you understand the world”

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"The Web began dying in 2014, here's how" a very good overview of the problems we face in keeping the open web alive staltz.com/the-web-began-dying

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_Some_ of us still like the semantic Web, thank you very much

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I've been informed that it's and that's a hashtag I can get behind in a big way.


Destination Earth (1956), courtesy of The Public Domain Review.

This is a pro-capitalist, piece of anti-soviet propaganda funded by the biggest oil lobby in the US.

It's funny, and scary, and sad, and weird.

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Hooray it's !

Today a shoutout to osi74.com/ for bringing crowdfunded straight to our computing devices. "We want you to be nostalgic about the future again," they say.

Shows include one hosted by Reverend Ivan Stang, showing us how to do just right.

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The web is a great place, but a lot of tech companies take advantage of people's casual knowledge of it.

If I had to give one piece of advice moving forward for anyone who is on the web it's own your shit.

Yes, you'll have to pick up some new skills, but the long term benefits of controlling your identity on the web makes it a no brainer.

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