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my most problematic trait is that I enable natural scrolling on all my trackpads

watching isekai ojisan is even better if u hug ur sega saturn

every art person in town learned about copyleft licensing this week and my soul is screaming uncontrolably

that free i7-6700 and motherboard with the removable cpu socket plus my old rx 580 make a kick-ass htpc

this is certain to help and not make the problem worse lol

why try harder to socialize when I can start fights on the internet and form parasocial relationships with fictional characters or vtubers or video essayists or dead singer-songwriters

my only motivation in life is to get people to spend time with me

seems like I'm getting less stuttering in games as well. I guess the standard debian kernel just has some sort of issue with older cpus that have a lot of cores.

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my dmesg looks identical, except all 24 threads wake up in a tenth of a second instead of 5 minutes.

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Okay it works perfectly! it's a debian kernel bug then. who do I inform about this? I'm such a foss noob

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debian-on-mac-pro-5,1-suspend-to-ram-proble debugging continued: currently booted into the liquorix zen kernal to see if that makes any difference

I miss crypto bros, because none of my friends became crypto bros. It was fun to laugh at them from a distance. This ‘AI’ shit is just really depressing.

I am getting just extremely wound up by all the people on Facebook who are posting their fucking hideous, vacuous lensa ai trash and then talking down on anybody who tries to bring up the myriad issues with lensa. Why do so many people suddenly turn their back on the things they claim to value for the shitty results of machine learning software? I really don’t get it.

a good clarinet solo rlly hits like nothing else

I want accidentally forked my awesomewm config a couple weeks ago. I need to merge and version control it but I've never done that before. I guess I should set up a local git repo?

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