Other the last week I've pretty much listed all the recommendations I have for now, but I'm still looking for more. I have a list and I'll continue posting recommendations as I find them, both here and to adrian.geek.nz/movies.html

I'm focusing on DRM-free fictional movies & (audio) shows because I find them the hardest to locate. And because I enjoy those mediums!

I should say:

1. I have added to that list of links just today! To include Expedition Sasquatch, Destination Nerva specifically for a Doctor Who audio adventure, & Welcome to Night Vale.
2. If you have/are making something you want me to consider adding to that list, please contact me!


@alcinnz I really appreciate 1) that this list exists, 2) that you're including the silly little show me and my friends make.

@ajroach42 You're welcome!

What can I say? I wish such a list had existed already, I like mocumentories, and @Username_Here_ASAP makes a great Jack!

Thanks for your help.

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