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Andrew Roach @ajroach42

Check out my super cool new cybrepunk gameboy.

It's tiny and wonderful.

@ajroach42 it came preloaded with an adorable platformer. The player character can use balloons to hover, or turn in to a vacuum tank to combat enemies.

@ajroach42 Ooh, the arduboy, been thinking of getting one myself, how is it?

@troubleMoney I've literally had it for about six minutes.

First impression? Great (!!) build quality. Smaller than I expected, but not too small (really, though, right on the edge.) surprisingly responsive, super bright.

Built in game is fun, a bit of a challenge, does not offer an obvious save feature which may or may not be a problem depending on length.

@troubleMoney biggest concern for me is going to be loading other games. No idea how complicated that'll be.

@ajroach42 If I recall correctly there are tools for that available, I'd love to hear what that's like when you've done it though

@troubleMoney it looks easy on the website, but I'll report back when I've actually tried it.

@rotatingskull it's a really well made product, with a bunch of games. It's easily programmable too.

@ajroach42 How did you do it? The screen's aspect ratio looks non-standard. What games does it play?

@rotatingskull I bought it from

It was originally a kick-starter project.

I like it so far.