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this day in 1990

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonard_ this guy got charged

what for?
1) possessing 'burglary tools' (ie a computer program that listed every word in the dictionary in such a way that it could be used for guessing passwords for a login script). ie something like

for x in 'cat ./dict'; do echo $username; echo $x; sleep 1; done

(surely possessing a dictionary file ./dict wasn't illegal?)

2) including 20 odd lines from UNIX's login.c (which was published as part of the SystemV anyway)

people sometimes ask 'why GNU? Why free software?'

because it was only 29 years ago that people could be thrown in jail for most of their life for sharing the source code to the operating system they used, for what was basically an academic discussion of how it functioned. It would be another ~1-3 years before GNU/free versions of BSD(eg FreeBSD) were available/free and worked at all. That was what life in a proprietary world was like. That is what Microsoft would bring us back to.

@jeffcliff Even in more contemporary times, GNU has relevance. Some years ago, my UEFI-equipped motherboard bricked itself after it *thought* I was attempting to compromise it. $1500 down the drain. Even though UEFI was "open source" (source published on Github), proprietary, vendor-specific addons are encouraged. And in this case, this proprietary add-on decided to brick my $1500 investment.

I will never trust UEFI again. To me, it is forever malware by design.

@vertigo @jeffcliff Your motherboard costs 1500 bucks?

Don't the 50 buck mobos already support nearly everything one ever needs?

@saxnot @jeffcliff This was a pre-populated board with a Xeon processor and gobs of RAM. And, as I indicated, this was several years ago. Technology marches on. These days, I just stick with Linux-compatible laptops.

@saxnot @jeffcliff One thing is absolutely for sure though -- I will never build my own PC ever again, nor will I ever trust ASUS (for anything other than a tablet vendor) as a company again.

Federated Republic of Sean @freakazoid

@vertigo @jeffcliff @saxnot After Asusgate (high-end router with numerous vulnerabilities they refused to fix until they were forced to) and the supply-chain compromises since then I wouldn't trust them for anything at all.

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