a cursed phrase, in a blog post telling me why I should rent a model of scooter: "Linux-powered tip detection system"

this is everything wrong with tech today

why does the *tip detection system* need Linux at all

a microcontroller with a couple mercury switches and no OS at all could do this

@bhtooefr I’m calling it now: Thirty years from now, literally nobody on Earth will know how to program in 8-bit assembly or construct a circuit from discrete components. Literally every electronic device, no matter how basic, will include one or more Linux computers for things as basic as detecting when the temperature of a thermocouple exceeds a set level to raise your toast.


@bhtooefr @SenorOblong Sounds like an even more nightmarish version of the universe in Rainbows End since at least the Secure Hardware Environment was at least somewhat secure.

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