as Voltaire said, "I may disagree with what you say, but i will defend to the death your right to recieve free server space, free bandwidth, free promotion, and in some cases ad revenue share, from YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter in order to spread your abhorrent views"

wait he didn't say that? fuck

Lest I give the wrong impression with that Voltaire joke, I DO think it's a huge problem that five companies have such huge power over which ideas get spread.

Since the 1st amendment doesn't apply to Face/Twit/Tube, I think the answer is that we need to promote competition and reduce the monopoly power of private platforms.

I don't think the answer is for the government to force FB to go back to hosting Alex Jones, as I saw some "conservatives" (ironically) arguing for.

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@nindokag A thousand times this.

There need be no "natural monopoly" for platforms if they're open and either federated or peer to peer, so there's no reason to regulate Facebook; they just need to be forced open, then broken up if they don't have at least 1000 competitors of similar size within 5 years.

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