Apparently seeing even a single project that would carry the F-Droid "promotes non-free services" anti-feature flag makes me unwilling to boost an open source developer's intro. Giving free help to non-free services is not really a community contribution.

But for example Newpipe which is maked with an antifeature, is a very consumer friendly way to browse youtube and soundcloud, but connecting to those non-free services are unavoidable when used.
However that community maintained app moreof hurts Google's business model and not support it.
But then there is Tutanota which published a FOSS app to connect to their own poprietary backend services, which they could open source but don't.

@succfemboi Yeah I'm sort of ambivalent about both projects. Both are somewhat subversive in different ways. Tutanota because they seem to provide some actual privacy and NewPipe because it lets people escape from at least a little bit of Google's surveillance during a time when YouTube is very hard to escape from. Especially since it allows downloading videos.

The software in question was just a wrapper for a Big Media API, however. So, just free labor benefiting the content cartel.

@freakazoid while some app can use closed source stuff but nobody have ever used it and it's still marked. Yet I think it'd be stupid to have 5 versions of everything just to remove this or that to make it pass the negative tagging. Or maybe two of everything: one with removed external stuff and other which is the original. Sounds rather stupid.

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