National Transportation Safety Board recommends mandatory helmet laws for cyclists: (TreeHugger)

Hey, NTSB: I've got a recommendation for you: how about you go fuck yourself? 🖕

Never mind the whole thing where, while bicycle helmets can improve safety in a crash, they also increase the likelihood of a crash in the first place, as people driving cars are documented to give a helmeted person on a bicycle less space, and they discourage riding bicycles, further increasing the likelihood of a crash through reducing the effect of safety in numbers (the more people ride bicycles, the more respect people riding bicycles get) as well as worsening public health through reduced exercise.

Nope, gotta wear a helment.

(FWIW, I do typically wear one, but I think it should not be mandatory for bicycles. Motorcycles are another story - there's so much more kinetic energy, and without the exertion of pedaling, much more effective helmets are practical, making the benefit much higher.)
Another element of this that I just realized: I suspect this could very, very easily be used to criminalize riding bicycles while brown or black.

Sure, when people ride bicycles for sport, or are reasonably well-off and ride bicycles for transportation by choice, they usually do wear helmets. But, a lot of people who ride bicycles for transportation because they have no other choice don't. And, disproportionately, that's people of color...
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@bhtooefr We know for sure this is what will happen, because it already happens with all other laws, including cycling-related ones like not riding on sidewalks.

The problem with the NTSB and any other such organizations is that when you task some organization with safety above all else, that's all they will consider. They have no reason to care if helmet laws are unfairly enforced or if people stop riding bicycles and drive instead.


@bhtooefr In fact, they won't even consider safety; all they'll consider is the safety-related things that are being measured. Sometimes this ends up accidentally correlating with safety, as with seatbelts, but sometimes the results are mixed or negative, as they were initially with "passive restraint systems" and IIRC ABS as well.

@bhtooefr Trouble is, you can always claim "nobody could have predicted" despite all the people who actually did predict, because there are always plenty of people you can point to who support the move. So it's a win/win for them and they will never be held to account no matter how many people die because of their decision.

And don't even get me started on the FDA's messed up incentives.

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