Pay with store app. Bank app notification says payment made. Store app says error processing payment. Top quality.

@tedu I've gotten hit by this before as well. Third party payment APIs are notoriously difficult to integrate, and in my experience they can be quite unreliable even when you are using them correctly. We had a lot of problems with third party payment providers even at Facebook where the people doing the integration were experienced programmers. Including situations where payments would get processed and we'd never get the confirmation.

@freakazoid currently transaction is marked as pending. So I guess I wait a few days to see if the store's book rectifier notices an extra payment or if I have to dispute it.

@tedu I would contact the store instead of waiting. If it was done through ACH or debit card and not credit card, your dispute options and time limits are probably more limited, and since your account has presumably already been debited the bank has little incentive to help you out since they already have your money.

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