Supreme Court rules Congress should do their job correctly; Congress is outraged. Always the court's fault for interpreting a poorly written law, never their fault for writing it.


@tedu The vast majority of the calls I get are outright fraud, so I don't expect this ruling will have any effect. The companies making the calls aren't in the US and they're using fly-by-night VoIP providers who don't even know or care who they are because they paid up front.

@freakazoid the good news is the clock seems to be ticking down until enforcement on that front.

@tedu My guess is that there will be plenty of loopholes for the scammers to hide in for the foreseeable future, for example the various places that share a country code with the US but aren't under FCC jurisdiction, and various kinds of backward compatibility. Even one hole means people can spoof any phone number.

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