What's your favorite terminal web browser? gemini browser?


Worth noting that i remapped a couple of keys in w3m to keep my mind from melting as i moved between it and other tools. The defaults are odd.


@RussSharek @ajroach42
I should probably do this with some things. Moving between amfora, tut, newsboat, aerc etc there are keys here and there that are different and I end up doing things unintentionally.

@kelbot what’s tut? Googling only brings back linux tutorials 😂
@kelbot ah thanks, I don’t use mastodon but have been thinking about a curses TUI for my activitypub server

@kelbot @ajroach42

I like knowing the stock configs on things. Eventually, optimization creeps in and then I know I really like the tool.

@kelbot @ajroach42

I've never played with aerc. How does it stack up to neomutt?

@RussSharek @ajroach42 No idea as I've never used mutt or neomutt. The terminal mail clients I've used are Alpine and Aerc mostly. Alpine is pretty good but Aerc is just simpler to setup and operate so I kind of lean towards it for that reason.

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