Gettings some serious techcitement (excitement over technology) over my PDA and syncing stuff daily for offline reading/use. It's silly becuause it's 25 year old technology but what can I say, I love it. Between the good posts on gemini and all the excellent lightweight blogs by folks on fedi and beyond I have plenty to read. Right there in my pocket, no backlight or network connection needed.

@kelbot this sounds amazing. Distractions being two taps away is the eternal struggle

@kelbot love seeing updates on this project, do you publish your reading list anywhere?

@kelbot I saw mention of you having a script to sync gemini stuff to palm, can you hook me up with that 👀​

@kelbot awesome, thanks. With that, if I can just figure out syncing my calendar I'd have a lot going for me on my Clie.

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