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Hello, are you a member of a marginalized group? Do you want to learn some gun basics? I’ll teach you if you want. Exchanges will be conducted via encrypted email only. If you live close enough, I’ll pay for some range time too. I am not an expert by any means but I know a fair deal and I think I am a good teacher.

Please note that this offer isn’t open to cis/het white men, and also that detractive direct action (i.e. violence) isn’t the only way to revolt against the forces of oppression.

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Here’s a question for my fellow white folks and retail/service workers:

Are you nice to black kids you meet in public?

Even the ones who are “misbehaving”?

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As I re/play thru the series, u will be commenting on the antifascist themes and other cool stuff. It will be threaded and CWed. Reinstalling the first game now. :)

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apparently eurovision happened tonight?

would much rather be watching

Lies My Teacher Told Me by James Loewen 

i guess to further specify, Loewen accurate describes the result of propagandized educational materials but stops short of assigning a definite cause. “these educational materials, in the style they’re made, can only produce a complacent, uncritical civic body,” he says, rightfully, but without saying that doing so is in the best interests of the empire and is intentional.

maybe he wants to give the benefit of the doubt to the powers that be and believes that the bourgeoisie will eventually, with enough reform, give the proles the education necessary for waging class war. i disagree, but i also think works such as his are a necessary step on the path to revolution.

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Lies My Teacher Told Me by James Loewen 

i’m almost through with chapter 8 and this book does an excellent job of dissecting the imperialist propaganda that constitutes high school text books

however, Loewen is kind of a lib. he makes several mentions of students or activists being “anti-white” and his opinions strike me as solidly reformist.

that being said, the book is still the most honest and straightforward look at this problem i have ever seen. would recommend with only a couple of grains of salt.

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uspol, abortion, racism (incl. medical) 

when you combine the factors of

1) forced birth/mandatory misery mentality


2) the disturbing history of nonconsensual, uninformed sterilization of (mostly) women of color and/or disabled women

the alignment between patriarchy and white supremacy, and their alliance with the settler-colonial state, seems really obvious

and their goal of a white supremacist ethnostate also seems really obvious

this extends to the right to sanitary and nutritious food. this extends to the right to safe water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and washing. this extends to the right to safe and comfortable shelter. this extends to the right to informed and kind medical care. it is impossible to respect bodily autonomy without respecting all other human rights as well. nobody gets to pick and choose.

human rights for all people by any means necessary. death to all oppression around the globe.

by any means necessary.

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this includes pregnant people—those who wish to be pregnant and those who do not.

this includes transgender and gender-nonconfirming people to any combination of hormones, surgery, clothing, or none of the above.

this includes children. this includes disabled people. this includes people of color.

bodily autonomy for all people by any means necessary.

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bodily autonomy is a human right.

human rights must be respected, preserved, and ensured by any means necessary.

if that means prying them from the still-warm hands of the dead oppressors, so be it. they have no one to blame but themselves.

protestors in Ecuador were fighting riot cops with 12ft wooden poles a couple years ago—and winning.

this is just an interesting bit of contemporary history and has no bearing on anything at all.

single-use plastics ought to be avoided at the design level whenever and wherever possible.

food preparation and medicine are notable areas where these things make sense, but so many other sectors use them at no gain and at great ecological cost.

@protestation hey, just a heads up, i don’t accept follow requests from accounts like this one. happy to give y’all a follow though!

Lies My Teacher Told Me by James Loewen 

i’m halfway through chapter 1 and i just want to throw out a out there. .

all presidents are bastards, but this dude wanted a fucking medal.

type of guy who…. 

watches asmr videos at 2x speed to relax even faster

hey @onan i have now received dms from two separate users of two different instances saying that your user @ revwhatsblem is being an asshole in every direction possible. you gonna take some action here?

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hur-ly bur-ly’s comin for ya

hur-ly bur-ly’s comin for ya

hur-ly bur-ly’s comin for ya

if any trans folks have posts about concern trolling i can boost, i’d so love to.

any discussion about transgender folks’ quality of life that ignores the rampant, worldwide plague of transphobic violence is an insincere one.

fediblock, slurs 

oh and just spotted him throwing out the r slur as well

let’s all ask his admin @ onan @ dobbs . town how he feels about that.

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@onan you cool having folks sling the r slur around and do transphobic apologia on your instance?

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