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Hey dudes I got a friend and she's trans and cool. What instance has got open registration that she could join?

More Toot! thoughts:
• cute. Just generally.
• having @ and # on the default keyboard slaps ass
• instanced switching takes literally 1 swipe; notifs from all instances pop. Very good.
• double line break by default, but adjustable with backspace. Like it.
• has utterly supplanted Amaroq as my default masto client, although I do really miss the translation menu options!

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Image from page 157 of "Human conduct; a textbook in general philosophy and applied psychology for students in high schools" (1918)

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IGD's list has a strong focus on Turtle Island (so-called North America), so if you're elsewhere you might want to check Antifa International's list instead:

#Rojava #DefendRojava #RiseUp4Rojava #BoycottTurkey

If I had a 3d printer, I would make a lil narrowing chute attachment for my food processor to make sure these peppers get sliced how i want em without having to cut them with a knife

OH and my 2133MHz RAM was delivered to my mom’s work...but the last person has left and they’re closed on the weekend so now I have to wait until Monday to test them.

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oh! so duolingo added a hawai'ian and a navajo course for indigenous people's day last week :D

Somebody on a nearby property is also having some target practice it sounds like

Having a weird one at the park!

At the park, glanced over just now and somebody is flying a rc prop plane

That ain’t everyday

Today I am wearing some warm goddamn socks and a vest while I go exercise.

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Please Boost! Does anybody have a temporary room (closet, bit of floor, rafter to hang from) available in or near Pittsburgh, PA where two disabled queers can job hunt? Can keep house, cook, and pay up to $300. Extra big special bonus if you like babies, but otherwise we have care arranged with my family until we get our own place.

I’ve also got my homework cut out for me, as each of the three members (Molly, Amelia, and Alexandra) has their own separate acts.

Makes me wish magazine was still going so I could do a big writeup on them.


If y’all aren’t listening to fucking should. Their NPR sessions are incredible and I’m planning to buy some vinyl real fuckin soon.