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hey TERFs
<3<3<3 die in a fire <3<3<3
boost 2 save a life

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@Ferretsyndicate havent seen you toot about farding or shidding recently, you getting enough fiber?

Also I’ve been playing with Japanese audio which is fine in cut scenes but during battle all the subtitles appear in a small corner...while you’re piloting the mech. So I don’t really have a clue what’s up.

The game isn’t super clear about some of the mech controls but it’s fairly intuitive.

Been playing the demo. Pretty wild! Pretty fun and VERY aesthetically pleasing. The character creator is a lot of fun by itself lol.

Tonight I went to a event at my alma mater with my old roomie and had a good time. Now we have gotten beers and groused a great deal about our ex wives.

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I don’t have much to talk about today but enjoy this picture of my being weird.

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Vietnam Tea Country Photos Show more

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Boss texted me at 0430 to berate me about how bad my produce order for today is, specifically that x, y, and z items were way too low quantities.

But yesterday he wanted me to somehow trim $800 off the order! So what the fuck.

50 strawberries alone (his suggested amt) is like...$650 at $13 per case.

I’m gonna start playing asmr videos on my iPad so my phone stays locked and my do not disturb function actually saves me from this shit.

I broke my own rule and brought my “car book” inside and I’ve just been reading all night. Hyperfixation ahooooooooooy

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2,000,463 accounts
+92 in the last hour
+2,478 in the last day
+17,039 in the last week

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Radical friends: Can you recommend any literature (or films) on the topic of centering those most affected?

I'm thinking of doing a zine called Decentering for Dummies.

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Gable Green #223832
Spring Green #17FA75

(Contrast ratio: 8.9:1 | AAA)

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I’m at the grocery store but idk what my batch cook is gonna be yet so hit me with suggestions.

I have been talking to a pleasant and attractive woman on okcupid like all day on and off.

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