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Merging with all my alternate selves, discarding my traumas and complexes, realizing my full unguarded potential and becoming my ultimate self as a bit

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Brohan Sebastian Bach. Vincent van Broh. Leonardbro da Vinci. Rembrondt.

Every time Tom Petty comes on at work I think about @RawPecans and hope they’re having a nice day.

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What if we put The Joker's head on top of Alucard's body! Show more

I finished ’s , the last in his trilogy.

What an incredible book, series, writer. I mean for real.

Pagan rage makes me want to strip to the waist, paint blue patterns on my body, and make my ancestors proud.

And by indescribable I mean I really want the on-site news anchor to be like, “Well Bill we really aren’t sure what’s happening here, but clearly it’s bad.”

But basically at any given time I am a bubbling cauldron off different flavors of rage.

Oh and don’t forget:

Neurodivergent rage: “just calm down,” “that doesn’t make any sense,” etc etc. Makes me want to commit indescribable acts of violence, but also just bury myself in a hole for a few thousand years.

Pagan rage: i...don’t have the time and energy to fill this one out.

Common feelings:

Communist rage: witnessing/being subject to labor exploitation, gaudy displays of wealth, the existence of million+aires. Makes me want to burn buildings.

Anarchist rage: being talked down to/jerked around, authoritarian speech, “because I said so.” Makes me want to burn people.

Redneck rage: city folk being snotty/dismissive, southern us/Appalachia being treated as a monolith, wealthy southerners acting “country.” Makes me want to spit and then fight the national guard.

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@Ethancdavenport A question in good faith: Whose holidays?

I would argue that we need, rather, flexible working hours for everyone so that you can take time off when you need to, for sacred or profane reasons. We need actual freedom for workers.

If, instead, you institute Easter as a day when no one should be working and nothing should be open, you make a unique space for Christianity in public life and also inconvenience everyone who is not Christian and holds no special regard for this day, and who also might need to do things.

Happy Passover!

Damn, this blew right the hell up

The only reason my company is open on days like Easter is that they are so fucking horny at the prospect of making a single dollar in sales they’ll sink a few grand into labor and operations to get it. The bigwigs will say it’s “for the customers” but this is a lie.

Don’t shop on holidays. Boycott and make it as expensive as possible for shitty companies like the one I sell my labor to to stay open on holidays.

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Just a friendly reminder to the profit motive !

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today is the only day you can boost this

Playing a solo mission on Ceres and not only do two Prosecutors (region-specific powerful enemies) show up, the fucking Wolf of Saturn Six (seasonal, random-spawn boss) shows up with a bunch of his cronies.

I did not succeed at the mission, but not for those reasons.

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"To me, magic is about knowledge, wisdom and energies. I am glad I live now, not 350 years ago", says the witch Ann-Charlotte Löfdahl to local newspaper, in Dalarna province of Sweden, where 50 were sentenced to execution during the witch hunt of 1668-72.

"But for Ann-Charlotte, Easter isn't about Jesus' death on the cross, but about the rebirth of nature. She greets spring with a welcoming ceremony, sets the table for everything new, when nature wakes up again. With things in lime green, eggs, plants, sprouts and twigs with fresh buds.

–I am glad to live in a time when I can dare use my gifts, without being punished with death, she says, speaking of witch hunts of old times."

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Happy weed day release all prisoners jailed for marijuana-related offenses