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@Alkirk89 just tried to kill me. She’s on a hands-free call with her boss, who is English. And she coaxed this woman into calling their district management “a bunch of fucking wankers” in a fully English accent.

And I had to try not to laugh bc I’m not “here.”

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help I love her
Pia Klemp, the German ship captain who rescued migrants in the Mediterranean, as she refuses a medal from the mayor of Paris.

Thanks for taking the time to read these threads. I’m trying to make it a habit anytime I go somewhere long enough to sit down and read about the original inhabitants.

Once again, I must recommend as an incredible resource to learn more about the history of this land.

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Good morning. I am reading about the original native inhabitants of the area including Fairfax, VA, and Washington, DC.

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emotional labor is having to smile extra big for customers so you get better tips, not being nice to your friends when they're sad

2 things:

1) if you work in a business suit, I ain’t trust you.

2) I am so thankful for my friends that let me crash at their places so I can actually travel. If it weren’t for them, I’d never go anywhere.

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Allow me to introduce Archibald Weir, a humble historian. He is about to wake up all alone at a pharmacy covered in pepperoni... in the Twilight Zone.

The only part of flying that kinda freaks me out is landing. Today I closed my eyes and pictured an oak leaf falling in the wind. It was fine.

Y’all need to wake the fuck up and keep me entertained

Watching the planes take off and land, I’m reminded of a customer at my work who I had the misfortune of speaking with.

She was a chemtrailer. She claimed that “they” were putting “nano” into the air.

People are so desperate to ignore the fact that capitalism is actually what’s killing us.

Began the day by smashing an enormous spider on one of my typewriter cases, with a baseball bat.

It was that big.

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