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Dang I found a new area and got killed again.

On the plus side, my cat is lying on my lap and is very cute.

Oh I also finished s7 today. Good stuff.

is really fun but VERY challenging. So far I have beaten the area 2 boss, barely, but haven’t gotten into whatever the third area is.

• complex synthetic nervous system capable of learning and dreaming

@ajroach42 opinions?

• obviously humanoid in shape
• less obviously humanoid in function (eats food, self-repairing, iris eyes, etc)

I think the iron giant was built by future humans and sent into the past by mistake.

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i forget why i never "officially" relaunched this (i finished it in january?) but check out this pokemon gen 3 secret base designer i made :fatyoshi:

We are one enormous global organism and the Internet is our developing brain.

The fact that it is infested with malware and advertising is a very bad sign imo.

Part of me hopes our species survives long enough and transforms markedly enough to awaken this new mind fully.

Part of me doubts this is possible, and another (small) part of me hopes that the Yellowstone supervolcano or whatever wipes us out.

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🌻 Let's do another giveaway!

Boost for a chance to win this "Never Stop Punching Nazis" shirt.

I'll pick a winner at the end of the day tomorrow. 😘

I’m really tired of not having any food at my house. I work at a grocery store.

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you have been visited by the Gwenduck

boost to share your good fortune

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Now that I have a video card, I feel like I’ve passed the most difficult part of acquiring components. I don’t have hard drives yet, but other than those and the power supply, I have all the essential components for the tower. Gotta get i/o devices also obvs. Also buying a windows license.

But I might actually finish this build that I started YEARS ago.

LB reminder that the 13th amendment to the US constitution abolishes slaver “except as punishment for a crime.”

Since 1860-whatever.

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Allow yourself to enjoy each happy moment in your life. ~ Steve Maraboli