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A short challenge: Show more

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Toxic masculinity, long Show more

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The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy radio show is on (for now, it won't be for long I'm sure. )
If you'd like to hear it, download it.

Dungeon world is happening shiiiiiiit I have so much prep to do

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Fascists, freedom of speech, guns Show more

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Juneteenth is the celebration of the end of slavery in America. Unfortunately, slavery still exists in various forms today in the form of human trafficking, private prison system, and the systemic oppression of people of color within our society. Please join us for the next few days while we remember those who have suffered or lost their lives due to these systems.

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@guerrillarain If you go into Settings -> Notifications if you're on Mastodon, you can:

Block notifications from non-followers

Block notifications from people you don't follow

Block direct messages from people you don't follow

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Ya boy’s got PEEEEAAAAAS

and soon he will have a shit ton of jalapeños.

nazi spambots and other sundry bastards Show more

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PSA: Keen Dreams on switch (don't buy it) (nazis, violence) Show more

genocide Show more

Idk I have feelings about The Commons and Wanderers’ Rights and stuff. I think a few counties in Europe have Hiker Laws protecting people who are just...walking around. That would be nice—that or a cultural shift away from “this land ostensibly belongs to me and all trespassers will be subject to violence at my discretion.”

Of course there are people out there who do want to steal or vandalize *personal* property, or worse,and that’s bad. Goodness knows if I found someone in my house who wasn’t supposed to be there they wouldn’t leave walking.

But plenty of people have come up to my house for various reasons and it just hasn’t been a big deal. I’ve never threatened anyone with “an ass full of lead.” There’s no reason for that if the trespasser is obviously not malicious.

I’ve literally been threatened by someone down my street bc I took a walk through the woods on a snowy day following the creek and walked onto their property

It’s the woods my dude, are you using this for something? Its the middle of the day and I’m wearing a black coat in the snow, so I’m obviously not trying to sneak around.

I would like to walk to my garden today but the trailer across the street from my driveway is being renovated and so there might be people in there who want to enforce the no trespassing sign on a tree out front

Abolish private property, everybody just be cool with folks walking past

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Milky Way over Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent

Image Credit & Copyright: Robert Fedez #APoD

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not really even lewd at all Show more

I’m watching s3 and Jeri Hogarth is such a good character example of a bad and awful person.

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‘wE WaNt ThE sCaNdInAvIaN mOdEl Of SoCiAlIsM, nOt ThE yUcKy LaTiNo KiNd😤”

News flash, y’all’s puffy pampered version of White socialism is FUNDED by the exploitation of LA and African Countries. That’s why any attempt Blk/Brwn folk make to give their countrymen the same shit y’all have is violently quashed by the same colonial militaries y’all hide behind. White Europeans aren’t ✌🏽more socialist✌🏽, y’all are just snootier colonizers.