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Hello, are you a member of a marginalized group? Do you want to learn some gun basics? I’ll teach you if you want. Exchanges will be conducted via encrypted email only. If you live close enough, I’ll pay for some range time too. I am not an expert by any means but I know a fair deal and I think I am a good teacher.

Please note that this offer isn’t open to cis/het white men, and also that detractive direct action (i.e. violence) isn’t the only way to revolt against the forces of oppression.

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Here’s a question for my fellow white folks and retail/service workers:

Are you nice to black kids you meet in public?

Even the ones who are “misbehaving”?

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As I re/play thru the series, u will be commenting on the antifascist themes and other cool stuff. It will be threaded and CWed. Reinstalling the first game now. :)

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uspol, pelosi of the great satan, student loans 

Been seeing a video of pelosi, noted agent of the great satan, going around on birdsite, in which she states her opposition to student loan forgiveness for….some reason.

I did a little digging into her campaign donors and didn’t find what I expected: no obvious donations from student loan firms like sallie mae or navient.

Which means she’s not even getting paid to say this shit (as far as I can tell). She just wants us to suffer.

The Diviners by Libby Bray 

… established voice for each character’s dialogue, and her accents are pretty spot on as far as I can tell. She put a lot of work into this reading.

Overall I’d recommend it if you want a pretty good YA realist-fantasy story in 1925 Manhattan.

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The Diviners by Libby Bray 

Additionally, the vacuous emptiness of the ruling classes is not glorified, when it is depicted at all.

To be clear, this is not a book about bigotry etc in the 20s; it’s about a demon serial killer and a group of plucky psychic teens trying to stop him. The protagonists are relatively diverse for the setting and each of them feels quite believable.

LaVay’s performance, too, is quite good. She can be quite subtle in her vocal changes but somehow sticks to an …

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The Diviners by Libby Bray 

So I’m just about finished with this (read by January LaVay) and I have really enjoyed it. Bray writes for a pretty specific audience, which is decidedly not 30 year old men, so the style comes off a little hokey to me at times—but that’s my own bias. If I was a teenager, I’d probably be enamored.

In a refreshing change from the genre, the book actually addresses the rampant racism, homophobia, misogyny, etc of us society in the 1920s—even eugenics.

@iung hey, welcome to the fediverse. I’m not going to accept your follow request at the moment because your profile still needs some filling-out. May I suggest adding some info about yourself to your bio? What pronouns you use, stuff you like, etc.

For instance, there is no “big choice facing biden in latin america.” It’s not his fucking business what happens there. The only choice facing him and his administration is to lift the embargos and sanctions or not, and in keeping with imperialist tradition, he won’t.


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It is my policy to ignore basically anything that the new york times or the guardian or any other major western news outlet says about China, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. These media corporations are incapable of unbiased reporting on these topics and serve merely as mouthpieces for western capitalist-imperialist powers, whether corporate or governmental.

This should be your policy also.

Ok, I’m looking for recommendations on the novels—the fatter the better.

I’ve read the wheel of time, a song of ice and fire, the stormlight archive, kingkiller chronicles, etc etc. The popular stuff I guess. Would really enjoy reading something by women and/or people of color.

But the really important thing is that they’re BIG. And also that they’re on Libby lol.

Thanks in advance.

unhoused residents of Atlanta declare Homeless Union 

Press release:

The Atlanta Homeless Union is currently occupying the grounds at City Hall and facing mass arrests.

Their demands are for Housing, Healthcare, at A Seat at the Table. You can donate to Atlanta Solidarity Fund to help comrades targeted by police.

Please boost to spread the word.

gunpla/plamo megathread 



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YouTube link: “What to the slave is the Fourth of July?”

This is an abridged reading by of ’ 1857 speech and it’s fucking amazing.

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I challenge jeff Bezos to perform humanity’s first untethered, unsuited space walk on his upcoming trip to space.

Lead by example, Jeffrey.

Just in case you fucking forgot:

White people are not now, nor have ever been, nor will ever be, the arbiters of what is and is not racist.

Our job is to shut the fuck up, listen to people of color, and fight racism in ourselves and our communities.

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