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Hello, are you a member of a marginalized group? Do you want to learn some gun basics? I’ll teach you if you want. Exchanges will be conducted via encrypted email only. If you live close enough, I’ll pay for some range time too. I am not an expert by any means but I know a fair deal and I think I am a good teacher.

Please note that this offer isn’t open to cis/het white men, and also that detractive direct action (i.e. violence) isn’t the only way to revolt against the forces of oppression.

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Here’s a question for my fellow white folks and retail/service workers:

Are you nice to black kids you meet in public?

Even the ones who are “misbehaving”?

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As I re/play thru the series, u will be commenting on the antifascist themes and other cool stuff. It will be threaded and CWed. Reinstalling the first game now. :)

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@SlaytheSystem hi, did you read my bio before requesting to follow me?

The Edge of Anarchy by Jack Kelly 

... is NOT decided democratically. Corporate and store management decide those procedures behind closed doors and workers are just supposed to shut up and deal.

It is profoundly affecting to see such a direct through-line over a hundred and thirty-odd years.

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The Edge of Anarchy by Jack Kelly 

... allotments on previous weeks’ sales and projections based on previous years. You might find yourself with fifty fewer hours to schedule one week to the next, which represents about six full shifts. Not only does this make the work that much harder, it also means that paycheck is going to be that much smaller for the workers affected.

People gotta eat. They gotta heat and cool their homes. Put gas in their tanks. And, crucially, the allotment process ...

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The Edge of Anarchy by Jack Kelly 

When a small workers’ committee went to the corporate office in Chicago before the strike, one of Pullman’s vice presidents told them there was no way that wages could be restored to their previous levels. The company was over-leveraged on several contracts, and the economic depression meant there was much less money coming in.

If you’ve ever worked for a corporation, you know this spiel intimately. The grocery store I used to work for based labor-hour...

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The Edge of Anarchy by Jack Kelly 

... situation in the early 1890s resembles our situation in the 1990s, and the 2000s, and the 2010s, and the 2020s.

I guess it just really makes concrete for me that this country has always been anti-democratic, anti-worker, anti-justice. The disgusting hydra of capitalist imperialism has always been just what it is, and we must slay it.

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The Edge of Anarchy by Jack Kelly 

... bogus charges (walking on the lawn of a public building)
• protest movements with legitimate grievances being brutalized by police and soldiers, despite having popular support
• high rents with no recourse or relief
• corporate executives and shareholders salaries and dividends remaining steady while working people starve

I mean it’s just... I’m not sure what the word here is. It’s STRIKING, in some way I can’t put my finger on, how closely the ...

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The Edge of Anarchy by Jack Kelly 

This book is a historical study of the Pullman Strike of 1894, and the material conditions leading to it. I’m seven chapters in and it’s quite good so far.

The most striking thing, I think, is just how little certain things have changed in nearly a hundred and thirty years. Kelly goes into detail about:

• mass unemployment
• inept government unwilling to help working people (to avoid creating “dependency,” as well)
• protestors and dissenters brought up on ...

Full disclosure I’m off work today and still in bed, and I doubt there’s a demonstration anywhere nearby.

But my heart is with the workers, goddammit.

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Ah heck it’s . Snuck up on me.

Strength, solidarity, and righteous fury be with all us workers of the world, my comrades, this day.

I have updated my bio with some info about requesting to follow me. This has been your PSA. Have a wonderful day.

not serious 

Having now gotten some of the paint off my shower, I’m prepared to issue a threat:

If you paint your shower, I will slap you in the mouth.

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Please, everyone, let’s all agree to do one another and all future generations a favor:

Don’t ever paint your shower.

@ARG hey! Just wanted to let y’all know that I don’t accept follow requests from institutional accounts. Keep doing what you’re doing!

meta, an actual for real screenshot dunk 

Here’s a response for you: get fucked

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meta, caps 




In light of Bernie Madoff’s death:

If you think Ponzi schemes are immoral, unethical, and generally bad...

...let me tell you about capitalism.

Very cool video on how to pronounce clicks in southern African Nguni languages 

The host has an incredible voice and manner also.

ole marjie’s at it again (us/ga pol) 

Introducing a bill to award gold medals to cops “injured” in the course of “protecting” American cities from “domestic terrorists” at Black Lives Matter demonstrations, days after yet another unarmed Black man was killed by cops, just a few miles from where George Floyd was killed by cops.

What a fucking nazi trash heap. Absolutely worthless human.

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