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I’m not generally squeamish but watching arthropods move up close is genuinely freaky. I must have had an ancestor sometime way back who fought shellfish on the reg or something.

Yesterday I mentioned to my brother that I was thinking about getting tattoos of the cats we have had over the years.

The very first thing my mom said to me today, after “good morning,” was “please don’t waste your money on cat tattoos.”

Why do I even talk to anyone ever.

Somebody stopped on the road earlier to let a tortoise cross.


I asked the guy at the movie counter and he said she does. Hope abides.

Y’all, I think the cute movie clerk doesn’t work at this store anymore. :(

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today is juneteenth Show more

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And yes I did do laundry today but I’ll be damned if I’m going to fold and stow it today as well. I woke up at 0200h. I’m getting ready for bed.

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goal: survive capitalism
dream: kill capitalism

Y’all really seemed to enjoy the toot about the hot sauce so here’s another idea for making the world a little more efficient: over/under washer/dryer but with a trapdoor system so you don’t have to manually move your wet clothes two feet one handful at a time.

One of my underclerks said the word “greentext” out loud and I thought I was gonna die

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@Ethancdavenport The chest vanishes, revealing its contents:
◽️ Common Tool: Blood-stained, royal blue wrench 🔧

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@ElfLord I have one on my foot from last summer that was pretty bad. Watching the scarification process has been utterly fascinating.

Why don’t we put hot sauce in spray bottles for maximum efficiency of distribution?