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Andrew Roach ✅ @ajroach42

@msk It looks like the thing that powers's scrobbler, which is nifty.

I assumed it was open source (with a name like libre) but I never looked in to it.

Okay, several things:

1 - "It'll make you a goddamn sexual Tyranosaur, like me" is the best line in the history of film.

2 - My floofball, Ethel, is an excellent floofball. 12/10

3 - I made a new mixtape tonight, and I've listened to it like 20 times because it's really great.

4- I am really tired, but I want to make sure I spend enough time with my dog before I go to sleep.

Hey! I got so excited about all of these killer 78 RPM tracks on that I put together a mixtape of some of my favorites.

It's mostly blues, with some Jazzy tunes, two rock tracks, and a synth track from 1941.

Additional details and sources here:

Holy damn the headphone amp on my laptop is Garbage.

It was so quiet, even with headphones that are really easy to drive.

I thought the issue was my source files.

I moved to my phone, and the volume increased a bunch, and sounds really bangin.

@peroty I'm from that area, and it's super embarrassing.

Stone Mountain is a GIANT hunk of granite that can be seen from far away, and it's just straight up covered with the faces of confederate generals.

The Klan has met on top of it several times. The whole thing is a disgusting.

Going to see Predator (1987) tonight with some guys from work.

Waiting on it to start (I'm really early.) Some dude bro to my right is failing at a date, and not understanding that.

@peroty totally said Stone Mountain, totally meant rock city.

Avoid Stone Mountain rn. Lots of racists.

I don't even remember posting this.

I caught a Lugia. I was excited.

(Still need an articuno to complete the set.)

Another "gem" is this white-bread, watered down, safe rendition of Tooty Fruity (originally by Little Richard) here performed by Pat Boone.

It does not get more white bread and tame than Boone's vocal performance here, but somehow they managed to rope in a great sax solo?

The B-side was a cover of Hang On Sloopy, and I'm kicking off my next mixcloud tape with these two tracks.

One of the coolest things I've found in the 78 Archive I've been digging through is this 1964 78 (pretty much the latest 78 I've ever seen.)

It's a Spanish Language cover of Them's Gloria.


How fuckin' cool is that?

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@ajroach42 Still Okay™ but this is like version 1.5. Better packaging.

@Glenn Turnbased isn't really a requirement, it's just the most common thing I see. I'd love more real time stuff!