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I think I can pull it off. It's basically just a coat of paint on something I built years ago.

I know that it will be useful for me, and I'm going to build it out for that reason, if no other. The more I think about it, the more excited I am to use it!

I also know that it will be a good portfolio project, and a nice way to demonstrate that I'm okay as a developer.

I *think* that this will be a thing that other people also want, and that it will generate a small, steady, revenue stream.

My goal, basically, is squarespace but easier to use, cheaper, and focused on podcasts, band websites, and other media, with easy integration for the various services that facilitate these things.

The goal is to build something *fast*, relying on as little client side code as possible. The finished websites will be Beautiful, Fast, and Simple.

The whole project will embody the ideals that I want to see on the web, and the principals I find significant.

Once all that is done, and I've done some hardening and verified that everything is safe and secure, I'll put the code up in a git repo and deploy the application somewhere publicly.

My plan is to offer free websites on subdomains (capped, at some reasonable amount) to whoever wants them.

For a small monthly fee, you will be able to uncap your storage, and use a custom domain.

That's where the project stands.

It's a web front end and a static site generator, with a template system, and a focus around sharing media.

I'm working on:
- improving support for podcasts, and podcast networks
- User authentication/access control/isolation
- basic blogging functionality
- a few more templates
- Custom style overrides

So, next, I added rudimentary support for podcasts. I don't like the way the podcast pages display, and there are still bits here that need some work, but it's mostly finished. This is where I left the project.

It had always been my plan to finish this before we launched any of the Analog Revolution Podcasts, but life got in the way, and I used a wordpress plugin instead.

The second version of this project moved from the config files to a series of forms, and had a place for the bands (although I think I'm the only one that ever actually used it) to upload music and stuff, with a choice of selections as to how that music was displayed on the site.

Still, this was all very primitive. No access control, only a handful of very simple templates.

But it worked. It was an application.

Okay, so the thing I built and am currently polishing and preparing for release:

It's a simple static site generator that I wrote when I was doing websites for bands.

In the first incarnation, you filled out the config file with the color scheme, the logo, and a few photos, and then it generated ~12 websites based around a couple of simple templates, most of them were variations on the same few themes.

Second backup plan: When I get to GA, if I still don't have a job lined up, and plan 1 isn't generating enough revenue for me to live on,I will pursue an A+ certification, and become a computer tech in one of the surrounding towns.

Backup Plan:

While I am building this thing, I will continue to look for remote support or systems administration work. If I find work, I will keep building this thing, because this things is interesting and useful to me.

I'm strictly looking for remote work at this time.

I have the semblances of a plan, and a backup plan, and a second backup plan.

Plan: spruce up and publish a web I finished a while ago and never did anything with. I'll use that as a portfolio piece, a method of advertising my freelance services.

If I can spin that in to freelance work, or sell the use of the application as an income stream of it's own, Great! If not, the tools that I wrote will still be super useful for me, and maybe for some of you! (details later.)

"murdered? That's impossible. We don't permit Murder in this hotel."

On my tour of Abbott and Costello's Universal Horror Comedy films, I missed Meet The Killer, Boris Karloff.

Somehow, I've never seen this one. I'm watching it now.

It's early, only a touch after Meet Frankenstein, and I'm fully expecting it to be something wonderful.

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So, I'm moving yeah? And I gotta find a job.
I need to make a decision:

- Do I pursue a bunch of certifications, and then try to get a job as a tech somewhere in my new town?
- Do I sharpen my web development skills, rebuild my portfolio, and start freelancing in earnest?
- Do I do something else?

Can you help me make this decision? I'm frozen by it, mostly because it feels super important but it kind of isn't?

I just have to pick something so I can actually find work.

So, I'm moving yeah? And I gotta find a job.
I need to make a decision:

- Do I pursue a bunch of certifications, and then try to get a job as a tech somewhere in my new town?
- Do I sharpen my web development skills, rebuild my portfolio, and start freelancing in earnest?
- Do I do something else?

My office just installed a dispenser of "electrolyte water" and I can't help but think "It's got what plants crave."

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You folks are probably the wrong audience for this... but..

Where do you buy your fruit trees in the US?
I'm shopping around, and not sure which vendor to pick.

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Pretty amazing how times change. I spent the evening playing board games, and watching Let's Play videos, and listening to music.

But when they were my age, my parents were spending every evening in the darkened woods outside of town, bodies daubed in mud, hunting the Shadow Wolves that regularly raided our village, coming back each night to me and my brother with their breath smelling of blood and that peculiar hallucinogenic tea that was brewed from the the humming mushrooms that grew under the floorboards of our home and whose music lulled us to sleep each evening.

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@fabianhjr I never thought of it as praxis, but I guess it could be.