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Welcome to all the new followers.

You have homework!

Tell me about yourself, your hopes, your goals, what brings you here, what you want from the future, what you love, what brings you to life.

In the meantime, you can find some of my answers:



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It is invasive as hell the way uber collects and shares location data, but it would be really handy to have a consensual peer to peer option for the same.

Let me drop a waypoint on a shared HUD.

@ajroach42 Reminds me of a clip of Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street. Ernie won't fix the leaky roof when the weather is good, because it's not leaking, but can't fix it when the weather is bad. Impasse!

Predicting and preparing for hard times is not in every person's nature. And there are forces encouraging them to be lackadaisical.

Wish mastodon had a visibility that was: anyone who follows me, boosts allowed, but it's not on my home timeline.

The way unlisted works on GoToSocial.

With all the recent tech layoffs, I am reminded of this idea:

Workers feel they have no need to organize in prosperous times when work is abundant and wages are fair.

Workers feel they have no Ability to organize in lean times, when layoffs are abundant and wages are contracting.

In both cases, we are wrong. The best time to start organizing was years ago, but the next best time is now.

I don't care what industry you're in, or how comfortable your job is.

The people, united, will never be defeated.

I want to make media full time. Podcasts and video. How can I make that happen?

I really hate the subscription software model.

Developer goes out of business? It's now useless, since there's no entity to pay to keep using it. And it blows up any workflows or processes that rely on it on its way out.

Developer just gets tired of it, or decides to end support? Useless again, even if you were willing to keep paying!

But on the bright side, it's also much more expensive!

Just a complete garbage model. More like the blackmail model, you have to keep paying forever to subject yourself to the whims of strangers.

See, we've lost the tools for hobby websites and sole traders and small businesses to advertise themselves online.

There's google, for massive corporations who can hire someone to literally just do their ads, and who are daft enough to pay fifty cents a click; on the other end of the extreme is begging for attention on social media, and there's nowt in between.

I want that five-buck option back. I wanna be able to get a hundred completely untargeted random visitors and see what they think.

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I'm going back through some of the Geek and Sundry shows that I missed 10 years ago looking for inspiration.

Tonight I'm watching Space Janitors.

It's cute. Like The Guild (and I assume other G&S shows) the production quality changes (usually increases) from season to season.

There are some real plot bits hapenning and they are enjoyable. They are wrapped in an endless barage of star wars jokes and references, like direct quotes, which is ... Fine? It's fine.

ultimately, it's a cute sitcom doing space stuff with star wars references as a crutch and it would be better without them.

Tonight's Chana Masala is on the spicier side compared to what I can normally get/make.

It's very good.

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Finally found a 15V power adapter and a cord to reverse the polarity of the center pin. Behold, the Timex Sinclair 2068 in ... my messy-ass basement.

Today, I have

- Okay internet (much better than the sub 1Mbps I am used to)
- Great music ( )
- new material going up on
- a federated social network
- Takeout from a place called Naan and curry.

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I am a simple man. I do not want many things.

I do want:

- Decent internet
- Good music
- Independent media
- Open protocols
- Garlic Naan
- Chana Masala

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