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Here's hoping @CaptainUnderpants communicates with me soon.

Either way, though, it's time for me to walk a distance and put a lot of boxes in a truck and then drive for about 60 miles.

Dang all this PDA stuff really makes me want a PDA with the low power and low cost tech we have now. Imagine how great a PDA would be with color sharp memory lcd like the Pebble Time used and an ESP32 or similar. Plus the improved resolutions and touch panels.

Someone please stop me. I'm seriously looking at pieces of original art from an artist I admire from the early 20th century and thinking to myself "Oh, I could save up enough for that."

I don't need original pieces of art for $2k+. That money, if I had it to spare, would be better spent elsewhere.

I'm in love with this hardware design. Sony's hardwre is so good it's too bad they've always shot themselves in the foot with their proprietary media format and connector garbage.

I just received a royalty payment of over 100 (Canadian) dollars because a short film I produced was screened in a classroom in Canada?

So, uhh, @Username_Here_ASAP, how do you want your residuals?

It occurs to me this morning that, when it comes to portable computers, what I really want is a new x230.

Give me an x230 with 16+ GB of RAM, a fast TB SSD, a reasonably specced modern processor, and a couple of USB C ports to supplement the existing ports, and I'd be pretty pleased.

We had that thing the instant it was available. My dad taught me BASIC at age 5. I had just started Kindergarten.

I used to escape in code, even at that age. I would write programs that were simple, a line of X's chasing a Line of H's diagonally across the screen, and I had my own star wars starship battle, learning to store and load code from storage, leaving messages for each other...

Basic forms of things that would evolve over the next decade into me finding BBS's and taking my first steps into this enormous world of neverending discovery.

Clive opened the portal to the. Void of this alternate dimension ... ever so slightly... that we may all make something from it.

We are mighty, because of him.

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I didn't know Clive Sinclair.

I do know what he accomplished.

He broke the cost barrier to entry to a new world. For $99 in 1981 you could have a personal computer kit that allowed you to write code in BASIC... for $149 you could buy the finished computer. This connected to a TV, and a casette deck, and you had not just a learning platform, but one with what would become THE hacker aesthetic.

You could have a $1300 Apple, or this... frankly, looking back... i'm glad I couldn't afford the Apple... this was so much better.

1.5 million of the ZX81 were sold. I had one.

The more hackers I speak to sinceClive's passing, the more I realize how many hackers were born because of his computers. Clive's devices launched thousands of us, and changed the whole world.

I think Clive knew how important those little black boxes with the membrane keyboards were, but I don't know that he knew how big the ripples would be.

My first computer, and people like Weld Pond's too... the L0pht existed because of Sinclair's machine... as well.

From there, the impacts are well documented...

Rest well Sir, you earned it. We'll aspire to titanic things too, and take it from here.

Anyone want to join me as a moderator of the early film and television community on

oh huh I hadn't realized that the whole left-pad thing was because Kik wanted the guy to remove his project named kik, NPM fucked him over, and he decided to tell them to go fuck themselves and remove all his work, which... had the consequences we know. amazing

I am curious about Lemmy.

Have you used Lemmy? How did you find the experience?

I'm not a redditor, so this is new territory for me.

Playing through Donkey Kong '94 again because my 4 yo loves to sit with me and watch me play it. I make sure to get the bonus items in each level too because he likes pushing the button for the bonus slot machine.

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