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Andrew Roach ✅

*idly wonders if there are people in the fediverse that talk about sustainable forestry and hobby tree farming of hardwoods*

Mastalab is a very kickass client, btw. I can sign out AND get push notifications. Many confg options. Love.

With this latest version (and possibly with previous versions as well), users have the ability to add domain-level blocks.

We've always had the ability to mute or block users on our accounts, but now you can block whole servers if you're seeing a pattern you don't like.

THAT SAID, if you reach that point, we hope you'll use the report button, so admins have a chance to decide if we should block it from the whole Shop.

Happy tooting! :yay:

I don't know that I believe this.

According to my PC, I've never listened to the White Stripes.

I... There was a point in my life where that's all I listened to, but there's a decent chance that I haven't actually listened to these albums in years?

I need a smurf emojo.

Who's got a smurf?

Added a :kirby_walk: emoji from one of the other instances.

I'm so happy with it.

The XX was wonderful as always. Now I'm listening to Willy Mason, who I've never heard of, and don't know where I obtained.

So far, it's not great. I'll listen to the whole thing, though.

@LottieVixen @ajroach42 I mean, compared to running underwater fibre lines across an ocean that's a bargain really

@ajroach42 @LottieVixen ah that's barely 1 post each for every man, woman, and child on the planet

Might need two

I just had some spicy bison jerky.

Buffalo buffalo jerky, if you will.

Apparently I've never listened to the first album by The XX on this computer.

That baffles me.

Then again, I mostly listen to that one on my phone, and I do have a physical copy that is sitting in my recently played stack.

OTOH, this is the perfect music to listen to while working.

Now Playing XX by the XX.

It becomes plain, that air is queer now. nothing can stop you.

Everyone compares The Zombies to the Beatles, but I hear The Pretty Things and S F Sorrow all over Odessey and Oracle.

Like, yeah, The Beatles dabbled in this space around the Pepper era, but they never embraced it like this, and nothing they released could rightly be considered to consistently be in the same genre as Odessey and Oracle.

The Free Design did it, The Critters, too. What the Beatles were doing was different though.

So the solution, I guess, is to abandon physical media because physical media is a pain in the ass.

The solution is to build the damn BBS network that I've been talking about for years (Here's an article from last July about it:

and another from a few months earlier:

Because without a network like this, digital distribution is limited to physical media or physical proximity.

Time is the biggest concern here.

It takes ~5 minutes to burn a 700MB CDR on my machine. If I get 4 machines going at once, I can burn ~40 CDs/hour.

It takes about 2 minutes to print each CD, and I have one CD printer.

I can print ~30 CDs per hour.

I can burn and print at the same time, meaning I can have 40 CDs burned and printed in just over an hour.