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@ajroach42 honorable mention for the two-season long musical tv show Galavant which is the best movie and tv show ever.

Really wish all these ARM SBCs had a common basic firmware providing a simple framebuffer device over HDMI and USB HID keyboard support. Like, a Basic Input/Output System that software developers could rely on. That would be neat.

Taking a break from work to assemble the PiDP-8/I today #retro

Not going to be able to sleep tonight, as they lady is working an overnight and will be getting home between 3 and 5 AM. So I'm learning about computers and watching movies (which, fairly, is what I'd be doing either way.)

@emsenn @djsundog This one has some typo corrections and a new URL because the old one was misspelled.

I'm sure there are other errors, but it's fine for now.

Hope you find it useful.

Here's a thing I wrote about building mobile/modular computers with a raspberry pi:

Hopefully this will be useful for you, or at least help you to further solidify your wants and needs.

Okay, I'm looking at components for a DIY desktop/portable convertable.

I'm going to type up some thoughts and link to some potential hardware options.

My thought here is to make suggestions and give some advice around what you could expect in terms of performance and weight, while making few assumptions and leaving the final implementation up to the user, your, discretion.

I have lots of examples, including the one I use. I'll try to get it to you today.

Woke up to the blaring klaxon of our fire alarms. There appears to be no damage. I don't think there was even ant actual fire, I think it was a malfunction.

Scared the absolute shit out of me though.

What if we put Mega Man X's head on top of Rush's body! Show more

I decided that I like targeting palm pilots for my video podcast more than I like targeting pentiums.

I also decided that the video files that will play back on my Palm will probably also play back on my pentium MMX.

I'll find out tomorrow, probably.

Any ideas for converting an rca-out to VGA?

Or vice versa (VGA out to rca)?

The Labyrinth mind-mapping activity for Sugar running on the XO-1

22" 4:3 monitors appear to be rare as balls, and none of them support RCA or BNC input that I'm seeing.

So it looks like this is a fools errand.

I'm getting my video studio all set up right now, and I find myself wanting a much larger video monitor.

I have a couple of PVMs, but they are like 9" diagonal and very deep.

I kind of want something like a 22" 4:3 LCD with a composite input. I dunno if 4:3 composite flat screens exist though.

@ajroach42 anyone who would literally craft a is absolutely a warlock.

The lab is proud to welcome these lovely bits of kit to the collection - behold the glory of the XO-1