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What species of animal is Timone? 

According to my wife, He's a Pumba!

2) We have to fix peertube<->kodi integration so I'll stop trying to do this on roku.

This seems like it should be a simple problem, but I haven't dug in deep enough yet to see what it will take to fix the plugin/improve the plug/replace the plugin that exists but does not work.

I just want a little set top box I can control with a wireless remote that will let me browse the videos is aware of.

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1) I have to reach out to a stranger and ask him to watch my weird bad videos.

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I installed the peertube app for roku only to discover that it has a built in, hard coded instance list, and none of the instances I can find on that list federate with mine, so I can't find the video I want.

Anyway, mixing "to camera" shots with other in universe angles and the occasional convenient mid shot should work.

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So we've got a handheld camera that the POV character talks to, we've got a POV shot, we've got a wide/drone shot, because of course they would bring a drone. We've got two or three security camera shots, and then we'll make up a couple of other shots because it'll make the narrative easier.

Handwave them with robo cams.

Maybe do a whole episode from a robo cam's perspective.

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I've started putting together a rough storyboard for the first script, and I'm realizing that there are a lot of scenes that have a good in-universe reason to be presented from multiple angles, and that there are enough narrative reasons to stretch the in universe filming past credulity.

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As far as the format of the episodes goes, I've been thinking about this a lot.

A lot of web series get caught in the "monologue to camera" space.

This works really well sometimes (The Guild started with this format and was a lot of fun. Jupiter's Ghost will basically make use of this format, but in podcast form) and I had originally planned to heavily lean on that convention.

There's room for that in the field guide, but there's room for other stuff too.

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@ajroach42 The best outfit of space explorers ever:

But they did rarely wear EVA suits, which were of a similar style but a bubble helmet.

If your magic space device mostly goes to habitable planets, you don't need to invest too hard in EVA suits.

@ajroach42 idea for an insignia of a group of space obsessed low-effort wiki shitposters.

The rocket looks like that on purpose.

Everyone will need some gloves. We'll take some creative liberty here too, and probably just use some kind of work gloves.

Shots of people in full pressure suit will be rare anyway. Most of the time we'll be seeing them on ship, or on a planet that supports life.

These are not, after all, professional astronauts. They're weird nerds who decided to venture in to space in spite of/because of the danger space presents to them.

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The jackets are going to have to go a different way.

The jackets are supposed to be a component of their space suit. They need to look professionally produced and new, because this is what is supposed to be keeping these people alive.

It's a fiction, we're taking some liberties, but the jackets need to be solid.

So we go print on demand with basic bomber jackets and zip hoodies, with hand printed options from the local megamart.

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This means that I need to design a couple of guild insignia and color schemes, and a couple of weird graphics for t-shirts.

Then I need to start hitting up the local thrift stores and picked up t-shirts to bleach and dye.

That's the basic idea, we buy used shirts cheaply, bleach 'em all in a big bucket, dye 'em a few solid colors in the same big bucket, and then screen print them.

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anyone know of a way to recover the lockscreen password of an android 2.1 device

Other folks might wholly reject the idea. only wearing colors and images that represent themselves and their companions and crewmates, or rejecting the idea of adornment entirely, embracing utilitarianism as if it is not also an aesthetic choice.

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