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I need to start working on NE TV announcement posts and videos and social content.

I'm going to run myself ragged.

I think the above list should include an extra week somewhere, but I'm not sure exactly where it goes. I think between the last weekend of apple festival and the birthday travel?

Regardless, in the intervening time, we have to finish shooting and editing three episodes of Expedition Sasquatch, finish shooting and editing at least two episodes of Shouting Into The Void before the 5th.

Lots of other shoots are scheduled too, but we've been less diligent than we should be.

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Next week is Small Batch Toy Fest and the start of Apple Festival.

The following weekend is also apple festival.

Then I have to travel for a birthday.

Then we launch New Ellijay TV and have a big party and a concert.

Then I have to travel for work.

Then I can sleep.


First impressions of the 2016 pixelbook:

1 - good screen
2 - convertible tablet is nice
3 - some linux apps "just work"
4 - kdenlive has some visual glitches running directly. I'm going to look for a workaround.

There's no H/W acceleration for linux apps, so I expect kdenlive will not go well.

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I have a pixelbook in hand. (I'll have another one tomorrow.)

I like the keyboard. I like the screen.

I sill dislike chromeOS, but it's not preventing me from doing anything significant yet.

I have firefox installed, and it's working okay.

Going to try for kdenlive next, we'll see how that goes.

I just keep re-watching some of the footage from Friday's show.

It was a good show, the room mic sounds fine, and the footage is beautiful.

All the non-betty white footage has been clips from the production folder of Shouting in the Void, or commercials for the coffee shop.

All of this is the contents of the Videos folder on my scratch drive on my primary laptop, which I figured was a good safe source of video that it wouldn't hurt anyone else to see.

It looks like an episode of Space Patrol just kicked off. I'm going to go to bed now, so no one is going to get to see it.

It's season one, episode 27. I think I've posted it on already, but I'll double check tomorrow.

Good night.

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For anyone who watched along, all the Betty White and similar footage is from

I think this is all "The Betty White Show" but those get mixed up with "Life with Elizabeth" a lot. The two shows were very similar, and there are like six other shows called The Betty White Show. (The woman was Prolific. Often doing more than 4 hours of live broadcast A Day, all throughout the 1950s.)

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Diet Pills 

Geritol isn't really "diet" pill exactly.

I mean, it was advertised that way.

I think in the 50s it was really just an Iron supplement?

Regardless, they're part of the consortium that rigged gameshows and just broke the way Television paid for itself in the 50s, so I'm not a fan.

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The audio for the Dark Mistresesses's'd've midnight movie trailer is rougher than I remember.

Like, I knew it was rough, I just hadn't realized how bad until I heard it on my TV. That's what we get for trusting the onboard mic on a 50 year old video camera.

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These spaceship shots are gorgeous. Jack did a really wonderful job with them and I'm looking forward to the last batch.

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Oof, gotta pull out any of these old talk shows that are sponsored by "Diet" drugs from the rotation before I share this more widely.

I forgot about those particular episodes of The Betty White show.

I won't keep this going for much longer. An hour tops. Just trying to get a feel for what this kind of setup is capable of.

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Don't get me wrong, it doesn't look *great* or anything, but it's watchable.

And I can stream it from myself to myself in my home in spite of the fact that we've got about 350k up and 500k down on a good night.

If anyone wants to join in and watch an old sitcom or whatever else happened to be in the folder I pointed VLC at for a few minutes and let me know if it works, or if it's dropping out sections for you the way I assume my slow downstream connection makes it do occasionally for me, you can find the stream at

(When it's live, it's embedded on the home page.)

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It appears I can live stream at ~370 Kbps up from my home without completely maxing our internet connection (~10% frames dropped) and it looks... shockingly acceptable on my Tv?

(This is so I can queue up videos to live stream during their "premiere" before I post the VOD, and be reasonably certain that local internet trouble won't kick me offline.)

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Hey video nerds! I want to find a client that I can use to livestream (to peertube) a playlist from a headless server.

Ideally, I'd have a really really easy way to override it from my local machine with actual live content rather than a playlist, but I'll deal with that being slightly cumbersome if I can get just regular playlist livestreaming from a command line client.

These are terms that don't return good search results, or possibly I am bad at using modern search engines?

Regardless, I would welcome suggestions or tips if you have them.

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