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Alright, I'm feeling several kinds of ways right now.

Fired up.

Ready to kick some shit.

Let's do it. Let's go. Let's change things.

If not us, who? If not now, when?

Yeah... Lots of cleanup needed. It works, but it's clearly not Gemini first.

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I imported my blog to gemini space and did a rough conversion of all the posts I've ever done.

A lot of them have video embeds, so I've got to go clean those up manually, and I need to come up with a better way to generate page titles on the index (at the moment, I might end up doing the index by hand? I don't want to do the index by hand.)

anyway, you can find me at gemini://

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@ajroach42 I wrote a wiki in Perl.
I write the posts in emacs and post them using some emacs lisp code I wrote; there are also command line scripts to do this, however, so you can use your editor and some scripting, too.

Like, there's no real reason why I couldn't have a social space in gemini.

Something like twtxt should work in that space without issue. Hell, I'm positive that I could even write up a crossposter that pulls my gemsoc stuff to the fediverse

And, honestly, I might be better off doing the first draft of my blog posts in Gemspace, then converting that to markdown for the posts I want to cross post to my blog?

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I can cobble together a bunch of scripts to pull blog posts from my git repo, do some transformations on them, and move them to my capsule. That's fine.

I can do the same for my podcast.

But if I'm ever going to really Live in Gemini space, I need to find or build some tooling.

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What server are you using for your ?

How do you host your capsule?

What associated support software do you use to make living in easier?

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Okay, I'm really digging this foray in to gemini space, but I'm getting frustrated by some tooling.

My blog posts are already in Jekyll markdown files. I just need to write a script that converts from Markdown to Gemini.

I have several podcasts and things that would also work well in gemini space (especially with the way LaGrange handles audio) and it should be a simple matter to scrape them.

I guess I need to write some code.

In all seriousness, I'd love to hire an artist to do comic book re-creations of some of these serials.

I think that would be a lot of fun, and enough of them are public domain that we'd run out of money before we ran out of material to adapt.

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Imagine Star Trek, if Star Trek was all about Kirk's years as a cadet on a training vessel, and not about the enterprise.

Now imagine it done live, on basically no budget, in the 1950s.

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I was talking with @freakazoid through our secret backchannel today about the film Forbidden Planet.

It's one of those movies I always go back to (and I adore the poster, a t-shirt of which should arrive in my home any day now.)

Unlike a lot of the other movies that I shill, Forbidden Planet is actually a well crafted film. It's not a perfect movie, but I like it a lot.

Coming away from this discussion, I got to thinking about all the other Space Media from the 50s that's out there.

@kelbot Have you played the Ewoks Atari 2600 game?

Or Halo 2600?

Or FlapPing?

I need to dig out my atari 2600 homebrew collection, there's some goodies in there.

Visualizing new and terrible types of internet drama:

acting differently from your assigned zodiac sign is astrological appropriation

Getting back in to Gemini tonight, hopefully more regularly.

Share your favorite gemlogs and gemini browsers!

@ajroach42 the US government's relationship with putting laws on the books is very much no remove only add

"Hey, that's a nice boutique print-on-demand business you've built there. It'd be a right shame if anything happened to it. Give up the free books, Poindexter, or you might find yourself bankrupt."

-- the United States Copyright Office, apparently

Allison Mosshart also released a solo album?

It's mostly spoken word, and apparently a companion piece to a series of artworks she made?

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Nobody gonna tell me that Brendan Benson (Greenhorns, Raconteurs) released a solo album last year?

It's electronic, and pop-y in ways I would have never expected.

It's still got some southern rock and some dirty groove, but it is (at least so far) a pretty straight electronic pop album.

@Username_Here_ASAP Now, how the hell do you get ahold of him? It's not like there's an official "archive" that we could contact.

I mean, there's "The Vault" but that's not exactly what we're after.

But I'm sure we could find something.

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@Username_Here_ASAP I have an idea for an artifact/collection we could try to score an interview for, but it's Ambitious and Silly.

Ben Blackwell has an Archive of a sizable portion of every show Jack White has ever played, and he works with Jack to release them through the third man vault, and through a couple of other places.

But the archive is way deeper than the releases.

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