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Welcome to all the new followers.

You have homework!

Tell me about yourself, your hopes, your goals, what brings you here, what you want from the future, what you love, what brings you to life.

In the meantime, you can find some of my answers:



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The Raindaince Foundation had an early (incomplete) form of copyleft, which they referred to as simply "do copy" and which was represented by this symbol: ⊗

These things come in cycles.

@ajroach42 As I just said, I suspect capitalization would've led to the same end no matter were the internet originates from.

From Radical Software Vol 1 Issue 1 "Our species will survive neither by totally rejecting nor unconditionally embracing technology—but by humanizing it: by allowing people access to the informational tools they need to shape and reassert control over their lives"

Remember the scene in the x-files where mulder holds a really crudely drawn illustration of a lady bigfoot?

Is that the silliest moment on the show? (or is it the brady bunch?)

what would the modern computer look like if it had not been designed by the military?

I mean, I guess I have a good excuse to go to NAB next year.

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i guess this'll be the real test of the fediverse's by-and-large anti-capitalist values or whatever you wanna call it

how many instance admins are willing to stick to their guns and take action

and how many are willing to sell out their users for Number Go Up

obviously we're not gonna get out of this unscathed. the real question is, how much will remain of pre-corporate fedi after meta's big entrance?

you can help keep part of the former fediverse alive by blocking meta

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I don't even know how to hunt down the proper rightsholder for licensing.

For music this is easy, but for video, it's going to be hard.

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I wonder how much it would cost to license Space 1999 for streaming and VOD on

McCarthyism did big, long lasting harm to the world.

HEY! If you're in the north GA area, Doctor Deathray and her Implements of Destruction are playing a free show at Ellijay Coffeehouse on Saturday June 10th (that's in two days) at 6pm (that's in 7.75 hours).

If you're not in the north GA area, I'm going to attempt to live stream the whole thing from a couple of 70s video cameras, because I love the way they look.

We'll also be using some newer cameras, probably.

Seems like everyone is in a bad mood today, which I think means I must be in a bad mood today?

The caffeine has hit my blood stream! Time to be indecisive, but faster!

Hi. Most annoying person you've ever encountered here. I noticed this post you wrote in 3 seconds doesn't line up with every experience I've ever had. This is extremely harmful to me, the main character of the universe.

@ajroach42 this is great and inspiring material, thank-you for sharing it.


I mean there's also the Cuban El Paquete as an example of wide scale distribution of media over physical media.

Anyway, these are the things I think about basically all the time, they are at the heart of what I'm doing, but it's important for me to make explicit these implicit foundational ideas.

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