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I don't like that the packaging for these two figures had more mass than the figures.

Two cardboard boxes, lots of internal plastic supports, a blind cylinder, lots of plastic bags.

Just so much waste.

If it wasn't for the excessive and wasteful packaging, I would probably own a few more.

As is, I might buy some used/loose, because I think they are neat.

Like, mechs!! With interchangable limbs! And multiple pilots, with unique color schemes and distinct personalities! In a blind bag format (randomized part distribution, but entirely interchangable, the first blind bag to really take advantage of customizability, IMO)

The slime is silly, but that's really popular with kids today, and I support that.

I think that the design of the mechs is really awesome, I love the customization, I like the minifig pilots.

While I cannot support the amount of fucking packaging they include in the toys (two sets of shrink wrap around the canister, and a plastic bag for Each part of the bot, and a bottle of slime for the pilot??) The ready 2 robot toys are basically the most well executed vision of what children's toys should be today.

I love the concept and the actual exectuion, but I will be writing them a letter about the packaging.

World: Google, you are so smart, impartial, and benevolent, please write all our protocols and standards.

Google: Oh yeah, btw, we don’t think you should be able to protect yourself from being tracked on our browser.

Google to break uBlock Origin on Chromium.

#SurveillanceCapitalism #Google

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I did a quick blog post on the movies I have been uploading to peertube!

So, you know, you can reference that or share it with your friends or whatever.

I love the music of Tom Waits, from basically every point in his career.

Are you keeping up with the commodore?

guess which all-powerful tech monopoly is breaking ublock origin (and umatrix, and likely many other similar add-ons, such as noscript) in their browser, which happens to be the most popular browser in the world?

who could have foreseen this? who would ever think that an advertising company's web browser would end up breaking compatibility with an ad blocker? frankly i'm shocked

I just watched a video where a guy casts a Greek style bronze age sword using pre-1983 pennies (about $5 worth)

Several thoughts occurred to me as I watched this, but most of them start or stop at: I need a workshop and some tools.

Metal working is neat, and I want to learn those skills eventually.

Anyway, I'm reading Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero and it's Very Good.

I keep wanting to stop and take notes about technique and shit so that I can correctly convey my thoughts after I've finished reading.


So I have not been taking notes.

Hey, what's the word for that anxiety that you get while you're reading a book and you are enjoying the book, but suddenly the most important thing in the world is finishing the page that your own, the chapter that you're on, as quickly as you possibly can to the point that you are no longer absorbing the words and your mind is just racing, rushing, to the end and when you get there you feel silly because you know that you want to keep reading but suddenly starting the next chapter is very hard?

Hey! You know the old Superman Cartoons from the 40s ( Has an HD remaster of those ever been released?

I'd pay decent money for a good bluray. I've only ever seen them in VHS quality.


I'm ordering Stickers from Sticker Mule.

I got some Robot Monster stickers as a test order.

But I want to get lots of stickers.

Hundreds of stickers.

What should I get stickers of?

I've just stumbled on DarkStar, a Xerox Star emulator.

The GUIs we use today are a direct evolution of the work done on Xerox PARC in the 70's, resulting in the Alto and other Xerox computers that pioneered GUI on consumer products until Steve Jobs dropped by the lab for a visit.

The Star (1981) was more polished than the Alto and is definitely worth checking out!

🗒️ website:

💾 emulator:

The website has configuration info & links to software downloads.

HEY! What's the status on pixelfed?

I haven't installed instagram on my new phone, and I'm trying not to, but I'm looking for a photo sharing thing that works well from mobile.

Is pixelfed ready for me to pressure my friends in to joining with me.

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