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If this sounds like your kind of thing, reach out. Let me help.

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Hi! I'm Andrew.

I do devops/SRE now, but in a past life I was a web developer and sysadmin, and I made websites for companies that didn't have much money or technical skill.

I'm good at that stuff.

Do you want a website for your: Resume? Art? Band? Videos? Music? Podcast? Blog? Short stories? Fan Fiction? Fake Company? Etc?

I'll be happy to show you the ropes, for free, and meet you at any skill level, and budgets ranging from actually free up to very cheap to keep the thing online.

We can't depend on advertising for revenue or for spreading awareness.

It's time for media co-ops and mutual aid networks.

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The software is out there for us to have our own federated, community oriented, mutual-aid style distribution networks for most kinds of media.

We've solved, and continue to solve, these problems.

Now it's time to build distribution networks, to organize, to support one another in the creation and distribution of independent media.

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It's the same story I keep telling:

We have entered the age of DIY.

The era of the blockbuster is over. The era of AAA games is over.

These are monuments to excess, made at the expense of creators.

We can and must do better.

Who are your favorite small creators? What are they making?

I'd like to hear their music, read their books and comics, watch their films, and play their games.

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Big media companies are not your friend.

As a creator, Disney wants to screw you. They want to take your money away from you. They want to not pay you. They are not alone


for the most egregious example of this in recent memory, but then remember that this is also the motivation behind all these "live action" remakes of classic animated films.

Hell, it's the reason Fox News exists. They were born out of Star Wars money.

@ajroach42 i think for a coffeeshop it's a great decoration

I think I'm going to take this massive picture of the first issue of Space Patrol, upscale it through letsenhance, and then get it printed at like 24" wide and hang it on the wall.

What do you think?

Mutual followers: If you use pixelfed, drop me a link to your account so I can follow you.

Federated discovery appears to be limited, so let's do it organically.

I love how every old sci-fi show had its own way of raiding the tv studio's historical costume closet to save on budget.

Doctor Who had it built into the premise that sometimes they go to the past, so they can use all the BBC's Victorian and WW2 costumes

Star Trek from Next Gen on had the Holodeck to accomplish this

But original StarTrek hadn't thought of the Holodeck so they were always making the flimsiest excuses to have 1930s Gangster planet, Ancient Rome planet, Wild West planet...

Federation is working. So far, it looks okay.

The software is way more polished than the last time I tried to use it.

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Okay, here's the pixelfed situation: follows turn in to follow requests even though the account is public.

This appears to be a known bug.


Introducing Zola

I'm slowly writing the novel that has been in my head for the past 10 years, and I'm releasing it chapter by chapter on my Patreon page.

federation from *to* pixelfed running on works!

Federation from pixelfed running on to mastodon on still does not appear to be working automatically at this time.

I thought I knew why. I was wrong.

I'll fiddle with it later, time for dinner.

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