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Anyone have any nice twee or punk or fun music lately? Your band? Your friends?

Boost it,

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@goosey this one's for you, and it's going to be really great.

Probably won't get the paint dry before the post office closes today, but we'll have it in the mail on Monday.

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Alright, we've got better playsets in progress. The vacuum former is running, The amalgamated detritus of the Moon has been assembled. I'll airbrush the thing and make it look real nice and get it packaged and in the mail very soon.

@nivex @djsundog @ajroach42

There was a lot of interesting stuff in SeaQuest's backstory that was either left unsaid or didn't make sense, but could have been developed into something quite resonant for the 2020s.

The whole thing of "humanity moving into the oceans" has a lot of potential but they left it very cartoony and 1990s vague neoliberal because they didn't want to be political or offensive or even have a point of view.

So a SQDSV but with actual crunchy geopolitics could be fun.

@ajroach42 Crime Traveller is a silly British detective show where the main character travels in time to solve crimes. It has been a long time (like over 20 years) since I've seen it but my recollection is that it's fun and silly and it has explosions and stunts. I think each episode is generally self-contained.
Similar to Bugs you'd probably have to get it on second hand DVD, maybe imported from the UK.

@ajroach42 Bugs is a British SF hacking/crime investigation series. It has similar vibes to Sneakers. Set in contemporary 1995 London, but the "monster-of-the-week" is usually somewhat fanciful tech resembling the sort of technology that's just now becoming feasible in 2021 (self driving vehicles, autonomous weapons, ...). It doesn't take itself too seriously. I think the only way to watch it at the moment is to get second hand DVDs. You can get a box set fairly cheap on ebay in the UK.

But confirmation bias isn't always an unconscious process. Consultancies like McKinsey have grown to multibillion-dollar titans by offering powerful people confirmation bias as a service: pay them enough and they'll produce a fancy report saying whatever you *want* to do is the best thing you possibly *could* do.


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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. This was a great thread.

I'm going to bed thinking about cheap media and media production. If I don't start shooting a TV show by Sunday I'll be surprised.

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@ajroach42 Just did some research. After finding out the domain it used to be hosted on, I took a little trip to archive dot org and found a link to their youtube archive!

was Space Station 76 any good? I never watched it, but I saw some clips that were Absolutely gorgeous, but it seemed like the tone would be very much Not My Thing.

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I really need to get back to media production.

I guess now that the maker space is open, and Igor is handling toy production, and Connor is handling recording music, and I have a bunch of cameras and lights and green screens and editing gear and audio gear and props and equipment to make more props, I should just, finally, actually, move forward with Jupiter's Ghost.

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Vagrant Queen did a thing that I really respect in that a lot of scenes were clearly done with green screens and instead of hiding that, they played in to it and went over the top with shots that would otherwise be impossible.

Lots of the time, there's only one actor around. Lots of the time she's just interacting with alien landscapes.

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I saw a few episodes of a Scifi Original Series called Vagrant Queen that were actually super enjoyable.

Felt like someone took Starlord's character from the first Guradians of the Galaxy movie, and re-wrote it to be Interesting.

I haven't watched enough of it to know if it's worth recommending, and I know it was cancelled after a single season, but the first few episodes were Tonally exactly what I have been looking for.

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I also watched the first two seasons of The Orville. I thought that was actually really good? I was frustrated to find it really good, but that's a separate thing.

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Oh, and firefly, of course.

I have not seen much Babylon 5, stargate (only saw the film), the new BSG, or Farscape, I'm fairly certain I should catch up on those.

I'm hoping that somewhere out there is a CC-BY-SA buddy-cop style show about a skeptic and believer hunting down mystical artifacts in diesel punk 1920s DC, or that I already started producing and just forgot about it, but (of course) both of those things require me to do some work first.

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- Space 1999
- Space Cases
- Space Patrol (1960s, BBC puppet show)
- Nebula 75
- Space Patrol Orion (the German show)
- The single surviving episode of Space Command
- Jason of Star Command
- Lost in Space (the old one)
- Lost in space (the new one)

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I have seen:
every star trek iteration (with the exception of a few episodes of Lower Decks, and whatever the new Nick show is that just started airing.)

- Every available episode of Space Patrol (1950) including some I archived myself.

- All of Rocky Jones Space Ranger

- About 6 episodes of Tom Corbett space cadet which is probably all of them that survive.

- The original BSG

- some bits of the new BSG which I found too grim.

- some, but not much Babylon 5

- All of Blakes 7

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I'm looking for some low stakes, no, low, or mid-budget sci-fi TV or films that I might have missed in the last 75 years.

I prefer episodic stuff. I prefer space stuff, or like Warehouse 13 style monster of the week stuff. Serious Drama is fine, buy I'm honestly looking for lighter fair.

Bonus points if it's an indie production. Extra bonus points if it's open culture, CC-BY-SA or similar.

Any suggestions?

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