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Probably going to go to bed before this finishes, and just see where I land tomorrow.

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I'm down to 1.5 MB per minute, and not only is it discernable, it's downright watchable.

Getting any smaller is going to require dropping the resolution (I'm at 720P right now) or the frame rate (which I'd rather not adjust any further.)

Gonna go down to 640x480 and see what that gets me.

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(this is funny! I've been running an h265 encode for half an hour, while also using 10 browser tabs, and running DOSBOX and OBS, and it took twenty minutes for the fan to kick on.)

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Fans just kicked on on the lappy. I'm really pushing it with this encode, poor thing.

Alright, I got nerd sniped, and now I'm encoding a 1947 black and white film from a 4k transfer down to a 720p H265 file with the lowest bitrate I can stomach.

We're going to get this thing down to 1MB/minute without sacrificing discern-ability.


@ajroach42 Are you familiar with this? It seems totally your ball of wax.

The Small File Media Festival works in defense of the tiny image. Size matters, and small is better, tiny is best, which is not merely to argue for a different aesthetics or narrative structures but also for an understanding that all media is media ecology – and as such, directly related to infrastructures with environmental costs.

– Jussi Parikka


I found a Pentax ZX-M and an SMC Pentax-A 1:1.4 50mm prime lens.

Time to shoot some bokeh by candle light.

WWII Era US history question 

Hey! Someone who knows history better than I do, was Charles Lindbergh a nazi sympathizer or just an idiot?

Wait. This one might actually be able to boot from the CF card ...

I dunno what good it'd do me to get something other than DOS running on this 486, but now I gotta try.

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Setting up a new Omnibook 430, and the included ROM card doesn't include Windows?

It's just got DOS on it.

I need to figure out what I'm going to install on it instead.

I think we're going to try and play Tom Scott's "two of these people are lying" with the Maker Space crew.

And then produce it as well or better than Tom Scott.

@Ethancdavenport - You down?

@ajroach42 it's been a few years since I've shot much and I had a bad habit of collecting more cheap vintage cameras than I could ever use. If I were to get back into it today (and didn't still have a brick of Tri-x in the back of the freezer), I'd play with some of the weird films they have over at
They have a fun podcast and donate cameras to schools & art programs too.

I think we're going to try electro etching. If I'm understanding the process correctly, I might be able to get the design I want at a usable depth.

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@ajroach42 ... has led to your thinking about giant battery banks attached to solar panels and maybe a couple wind turbines, as well as lower-power approaches to doing everything so that the battery banks don't have to be so large.

Storm has led to trees down has led to power outage.

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