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If you end up needing a DIY solution to the hard drive issue, mentions that the folks at designed their own solution to the issue. You can download the board diagram, etc.

@ajroach42 Although the hardcard itself is an XT-IDE interface, so if you can get it to accept another 8-bit drive you should be good.

This thread makes it sound like a 256MB CF card in a CF->IDE adapter could work for you.

"Sad Lack of Warburton" is a tremendous band name.

It's dirty, like very dirty, but it is in otherwise excellent cosmetic condition.

I'm going to clean it up before I try and boot it because it's gross.

But once I get it cleaned up, I'll get a couple of bootable 5.25 floppy disks (I don't own any right now) and see how it does.

It has an internal HDD, which is almost certainly dead. I don't know much about XT era HDDs, so I don't know what I'll be doing about that.

While I was in California and so sick that I was hallucinating that my co-workers were trying to containerize my immune system, a shipment arrived at my apartment.

The shipment was my Sharp PC-7100 portable, which is a portable PC XT compatible from the mid 80s, and I'm really excited about it.

Finally got around to finishing season one of Amazon's

I was pleased. It's got nothing on the cartoon, and it suffers from a lack of Warburton, but it was pretty good.

I talk about it from time to time, but lemme just say I really really love Decoder Ring Theatre's podcasts.

They're wonderful, generally speaking, and I miss them.

SHIT I just remembered that Link's Awakening is getting an HDmake for the Switch and now I'm hype as fuck

Common feelings:

Communist rage: witnessing/being subject to labor exploitation, gaudy displays of wealth, the existence of million+aires. Makes me want to burn buildings.

Anarchist rage: being talked down to/jerked around, authoritarian speech, “because I said so.” Makes me want to burn people.

Redneck rage: city folk being snotty/dismissive, southern us/Appalachia being treated as a monolith, wealthy southerners acting “country.” Makes me want to spit and then fight the national guard.

But it's every weekend. And it's many people. (So the coffee shop knows how to handle the, which is awesome.)

And most of them appear to be travelling, usually, not actually living in the area.

So how do they end up here? We're outside the city, we're outside the border city. It's a cool area (that's why I live here) but it's not, like, special or anything.

I've never met anyone more self important than a teenage boy driving a Lamborghini.

The smugness just oozed off of him. His disdain for the world lived in the corners of his scowl.

"What do you mean you don't serve that brand here? Send someone to fetch some, I don't have all day" is a phrase he actually used at the coffee shop. And the barista responded with a variation on "lol no, weirdo"

And I laughed at him real loud.

@ajroach42 Steal their cars and sell them to a chop shop.

Radical wealth redistribution!

So I live in this apartment complex that is over this shopping area that is frequented by lots of people, right?

And frequently among those people are conglomerations of rich idiot teenagers.

I'm talking $20k watches and $100k cars rich. And I'm talking complaining loudly that the restaurant wouldn't accept your bad fake passport as an I'd for booze idiots.

This might be the single least enjoyable set of people on the planet.

What if we put Wario's head on top of Fred Flintstone's body! Show more

Time to
1) check out of a hotel
2) find a ride to the airport
3) suffer through TSA
4) sit around for more than an hour waiting on my plane to board
5) fly for 5.5 hours of perceived time while also changing time zones such that the net effect is a loss of 8.5+ hours from my day
6) have one day "off" before I have to go back to work.
7) (let's be real, I'm probably going to take Monday off.)