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A sort of portable office: the TRGpro (a Palm IIIx variant) with a GoType keyboard and the SiPix A6 infrared portable printer. And with the modern Fischer pen/stylus. The calendar is a MUJI one.

#palm #palmiii #trgpro #gotype #printer #pda #portable #retrocomputing

I thought I was exaggerating.

I was not. We just finished sheet 5. It's been 40 minutes.

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Most interested in the ESP Boy, the RC2014, and Poketmesh/Disaster Radio today.

Really seriously contemplating building a BBSbox out of an ESP8266, a small screen (nokia maybe?) and a tiny keyboard.

I might call it a netnavi.

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But I'm printing 18 sheets of paper, and I still have to bind and trim them.

And I have ten more books to print after this one, so I'll be Speeding Up The Printer for the subsequent books.

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I made the mistake of telling my printer to print at it's highest quality setting.

This is a new printer, which I have not used previously.

Apparently, High Quality means slower than erosion on stone. We're talking 1 sheet every 3 - 5 minutes.

I ... I mean, it'll probably look good.

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Alright! tell me about your favorite open source hardware projects.

What home made computers and game machines are capturing your attention?

The things people do to their computers. 

It'd be really swell if I could just save a color - small, black and white full size, and black and white small version of each of these documents and have the printer automatically parse that information.

Something like this probably exists for, like InDesign or similar, but that doesn't help me.

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I wish there was a standard format in which to save the printer settings for a file, such that I could feed some data files and some settings files in to a print spooler and have the data files and settings files interpreted and acted on.

I have dozens of PDFs that I want to queue for printing with the same settings, and I have to manually set them every time. I can save them as a pre-set, but if I need to switch back and forth between two pre-sets I still have to set each one manually.

@ajroach42 Ok, I don't know anything about what is available on ali or gearbest.

As far as Odroid Go I have found 2 game frameworks that have a Odroid Go as a target platform and the resulting games are also supposed to easy to cross-compile for other platforms.

It's been 

It's been 

But that all changed when 

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But that all changed when 

ooh, my personal audio player can use standard linux backup tools to automatically back up the configuration and library metadata whenever it connects to my home wifi.

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