Alright, details are slowly trickling in to

Not everything is set in stone yet, but it is going to happen.

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We're exploring a vintage and DIY toy show in our home town of Ellijay, GA.

We're in north central, GA, foothills of the Appalachian mountains, about 2.5 hours from Asheville, an hour from Chattanooga, and an hour from Atlanta.

We're a little town, but every October, we're over-run with folks coming in for the annual DIY Arts and Crafts Apple Festival.

I think it would be the perfect time for a DIY Toy Show.

We have a couple of potential locations, and a few vendors already committed, but I wanted to test the waters and see who else might want to participate so we can decide which location to lock in, and start promoting!

If past years are any indication, the town will be all but overrun with an absolutely mind boggling crowd of folks looking for hand made art, and they could do a lot worse than some DIY toys.

If you might be interested in participating, drop a comment or shoot me a DM, so I can gauge the number of vendors and figure out if we'll be doing this at Ellijay Coffeehouse, Ellijay Makerspace or if we'll be working with another local business.

Of course, it won't be Assembly Required Asheville, but I think we could make this something special.

Who's with me?

I got this great glow in the dark, hand cast Mars Attacks Alien from Hella Radical Toys.

It's really well done. Magnetic joints, no air bubbles, hand drawn header card.

Blue GID is still pretty uncommon, even in the custom world, and this one uses it to great effect.

Lots of hand casters have a hard time with small fiddly bits, like this ray gun, but Hella Radical knocked it out of the park.

Our monstrous mini three packs are available now. The new packaging looks great.

My new glow in the dark creature joined his bigger glow in the dark brother.

Always a treat to pull a glow in the dark figure out of a blind box.

Here are some of my favorite new pickups for my personal collection.

The jumbo vinyl Starroid Raider is one I've been eyeballing for a long time. It's a blown up bigger version of a 3 3/4 toy from Tomland.

This guy, who I might sell, or might keep for myself, is one of the first customs I did, and he's several kinds of strange.

The body is a vintage tomland Star Raider body. The hands and head are new, resin cast pieces from Doc Mego, but they are replicas of Tomland parts *for other tomland figures* and the clothes are just things I found sitting around.

Somehow, this figure got a little traction the first time I posted a photo of him to facebook, and I ended up selling five or six figures using this head and basic motif (Star Trek/Section 31 aliens)

The Tomland Star Raiders are a story of their own, that I'll tell one day.

This particular mashup, though, is just a weird mishmash of kitbash'd bits I had left over from other projects, but it's the first figure that ever really got me any attention in the DIY/Art toy world.

Toy Spotlight (Commercialism) 

Here's another size comparison of the various optimus primes. I still have onre or two of the foot tall super cyborgs hiding around our physical location somewhere, but most of what we move are the Re-Action and Super Shogun figures.

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Toy Spotlight (Commercialism) 

Here are a couple of the other we sell. I don't mess with the major manufactures much, but it's hard to go wrong with .

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Toy Spotlight (Commercialism) (long) 

Grimlock - Super 7

These two toys from Super 7 are really neat!

I've always had a kind of frustrated fascination with transformers, because they're complicated and fragile and have lots of little pieces that are easy to destroy and I'm just kind of ...

Well, I've said it before, I play with my toys. I beat them up. I am not gentle with them.

Transformers, in spite of their weight and size, are not sturdy enough for me now, and especially weren't sturdy enough for me as a child.

But they're so cool! They Transform! They convert from one thing in to another thing. Robots! In to Cars? Or just *things*, tape players, tapes, guns?

And, when I was a kid, they made the Beast Wars figures. These were even more fragile, but they were super neat. A giant gorilla that transformers in to a sick robot?

Like I said, frustrated fascination. I had some, and I broke them and lost the bits and resented them for being complicated and fragile.

So I've been real cautious about exploring the Transformers universe as an adult, you know? I've seen the reissued Beast Wars figures, and I've experienced the same half hope, half frustration that I grew up with.

But then there's Super 7. Between their Super Cyborg 12", limited articulation figures (always in Robot form, no transforming action) and the newest Super Shogun Optimus Prim (over 2 feet tall, rocket firing fist!) I've been dabbling in the transformers universe again.

Sure, they don't actually ... Transform, but that's kind of a selling point for me, you know?

So I finally got around to opening and checking out some of the new ReAction line. These are 3 3/4", non-transforming robot toys. They're neat looking. They captured the spirit of the cartoon.

I am, of course, a little disappointed in the lack of transformation, but everything else about them is pretty perfect.

We only carry a few, due to limited shelf space at our physical location (that will change soon!) but those few that we carry are Dynamite.

My favorite of the currently available figures are these two. Grimlock in robot and dinosaur form.

Why does Grimlock turn in to a dinosaur? Who cares. Robot one second, t-rex the next. What could be cooler than that?

All the transformers toys we have in stock are here:

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Toy Spotlight (Commercialism) - Explaination 

This is a kind of post I'm going to do occasionally where I talk about a toy that we currently sell on Mountain Town Toys.

This is an advertisement of the fact that I sell these toys, of course, but if that's all it was I'd do it on twitter or facebook or whatever other corporate hellsite.

I'm here because I want to celebrate these toys, and because I think there's room for the toy community here.

Anyway, pre-amble over. Toy Spotlight time.


I wish I could find more people on the Fediverse that posted about toys —

• making toys,

• toy photography,

• showing how they display their toys,

• showing their latest toy finds,

• the history of specific toys,

• toy comparisons,

• etc etc etc.

I think that's enough toy posting for today. I'll do some more toy posting later, I have a zine to write.

And, of course, there are our Keshi style injection molded figures.

Big thanks to @selfsame for designing Nosferatu, Bigfoot, and the soon to be revealed Gorgon.

"It’s Bigfoot​, Nosferatu, and the Evil Robot! They’re made out of Polyethylene. The glow in the dark ones are made from new plastic, every other color scheme is partially or completely recycled from milk jugs taken from the Ellijay Coffeehouse and recycled directly at the Ellijay Makerspace."

We've been doing some publishing too! We just got our first comic book in, and our second one should be here within a few weeks.

We're working on an old school Sears Catalog style holiday thing, too.

It weighs like 10 lbs or something like that. Very heavy base. Rocket firing fist. Big laser gun.

It's just a really cool piece.

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I love Super Shogun figures. I have uhhh too many of them.

Recently Super 7 did a Super Shogun style Optimus Prime and it might be my favorite toy to come out this year.

They're too damn expensive, but I couldn't resist ordering some.

I set up a coupon code
[ "FediFriend" ] which will get you $50 off of one if you want one.

I wanted one.

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