Spotify is buying up all the popular podcasts and removing them from the commons in order to drive you to their platform.

Podcasts have somehow stayed open access, built on standards, and just (mostly) work. Moving them to a proprietary platform just so a few people (ie: not you) can make money is bad for everyone who isn't making money. (ie: you.)

Robby is there too, but sometimes we don't talk about him.

The beetle is for sale. He's a @MountainTownToys production figure, and is $30 + shipping.

I have five made so far.

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Aw man, Usborne have freely downloadable PDFs of their classic 1980s type-in BASIC game books!

AHI's rarest toy is probably their Creature from the Black Lagoon figures.

I've seen these sell for between $500 and $1000. I find that really silly.

The apes aren't that expensive, but they do go in the $100+ range.

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AHI made cheap toys, rack toys. Stuff for point of sale at grocery stores.

Their stuff is even cheaper than Tomland (who I talk about all the time.)

Most Ahi toys are expensive today because they're really odd, and because they tend to fall apart.

The apes are especially rare because AHI got a Cease and Desist order more or less immediately.

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So lets talk about the AHI astro apes/Action Ape Men.

AHI had a contract to make a bunch of Planet of the Apes toys, but, importantly, not the action figures.

AHI bid on the action figure contract, as did Mego.

AHI was pretty confident that they'd get the contract, so they started designing the toys.

Mego outbid them, won the contract, and released some highly sought after toys.

AHI basically said IDGAF and released theirs anyway, with whatever surplus clothes they had handy.

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I did three other casts today, and I got them all painted, but I didn't get those dressed out.

Partially that's because my dremmel died so I couldn't get the neck posts ground down to size. It's also partially because I'm running out of costumes and I don't have any fabric to make more right now.

Here is a pictures of some of those. There's also another red alien head, but it needs a touchup on paint.

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Today's customs. Mostly based on the vintage Azrak Hamway International Action Ape Man/Astro Ape (which I'll talk about in a minute. It's a neat story).

Today was reasonably productive. Woke up, made coffee, delivered muffins, made some new toy heads, painted them, made more coffee, played with the dogs.

Now to spend the evening cleaning and looking for some missing batteries.

Oof. Just posted all that from the toy account. Deleting and moving.

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The 1977 source code for ZORK has been recovered from MIT tapes and released on github. I cloned the repository at and the official MIT github set is at

My dad is doing one of those vaguely sleazy "like and share" promotions on facebook for our toys.

If you want to enter, I'd rather the toy go to someone from here anyway.

I don't love that we have to be on facebook to market the business, and I don't really care for this kind of a raffle kind of thing, but here we are.

That was a lot of words. I hope it was a useful/insightful/interesting/not horribly boring glimpse in to the economics of a small time side hustle with no real marketing budget.

I'm making a little money, slowly, and building a reputation as a seller, slowly, but there's a long way to go.


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