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all men inherently want things from women, such as but not limited to: pussy, emotional or mental labor, physical effort, social validation, or a general fuck given about you.
so LISTEN: women are constantly disadvantaged, even in the most habitable societies, we are witchhunted to death in the sneakiest of ways.
help women defend themselves by giving them the only thing that matters in ANY society, and always helps: money.

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told my right-hand groomer my news, she was cool about it and we had lunch and coffee today which was fun. she offered to kinda soften the news to our other friend (a career bather) and i said yeah i’d appreciate that a lot actually bc i know she’s gonna be sad and i don’t want that and i really don’t want her to cry bc i am doing my damn best not to cry.

my mom and I talked today, told her about my plan, she said the offer is open to stay with her so I think we will. itstan easier setup for our pets and closer to a workplace for each of us.

if there’s cash in your pocket and you want to see me naked, subscribe to my OnlyFans

getting kind of sad as the reality of this decision sets in, but roommate-kun is standing in my room watching this movie and chilling with us so i will NOT miss that

Remember when Tony the Tiger went around saying it was ok to take hits of pot and do beers? That was a weird time General Mills went through.

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- no more roommate-kun.
- puts future me in a better financial position
- gives me and spouse a chance to focus on mental health
- viable plan for thriving in CO, which has always been the goal.
- gets us out of this relatively undesirable neighborhood (a big stressor for my spouse)
- get to see Dan

- miss my CO friends a lot
- my salon is not in a good place right now for me to be leaving it but it's also cursed
- the girl i like will have an entire year to like someone else

8) about ten months in, take a week long trip back to CO to house shop.
9) make an offer, go through that whole process.
10) move the fuck back to where i want to be, where i feel at home, where i belong.

even if we max out our budget and spend a full $300k on a house, it's still $300 cheaper than what we pay to live in our shitty ass apartment.
that's $300k for a free-standing structure with multiple bathrooms and no roommate.
CO is affordable if you have money, LOL.

so our steps are probably going to look like this:
1) get our car back from impound (oh yeah, that happened this morning)
2) figure out a way to tell this to my in-laws, and parents.
2.5) make spouse and my parents settle their differences
3) explain this shit to my boss and find a store to transfer to
3.5) have my boss look up the pay bands for stores i might end up at
4) do the thing
5) restrict all spending and SAVE
6) get in contact with realtor
7) take steps to qualify for CHFA loan

looking at CHFA programs and depending on our credit score, we could pay as little as a 3.5% down payment, which is highly doable for a $300k or under, esp if we can get the seller to accept a couple thousand over the asking price in exchange for absorbing closing costs.
if our scores are too low and we have to pay 10% down, but we at least have a third to half of that saved up, my in-laws would likely help us with the rest bc they're rich boomers who believe in making people "earn" their help

upon further discussion with my spouse, my parents place might end up being a bit easier to live in. FAR better internet, closer to a Pmart for me and a target for them, plus like, more cars to freely use.

my biggest thing is i need to get some shit at my salon straightened out before i leave, but other than that? i will be sad to leave my friends here for a year, but having a finite “come back date” combined with at least one trip up here to house shop, will be positive and something to work towards.
it would be nice to be closer to family especially while my grandparent’s health seems to be on the beginning of the end.

this option doesn’t make me happy, by ANY means, but it’s likely my most viable option for long term success.
as it stands, we’ve been living paycheck to paycheck with no savings and no positive impact on our (small but still there) debt. this situation doesn’t seem likely to change anytime soon, and i’m powerless to change much about it. everything we’ve been through has taken a toll on my spouse’s mental health, which is not something I can idly ignore just because I like the views here.

it would be a finite 12-month plan, and i’d be doing as much extra as possible to stockpile funds.
the way rentals are out here, we can’t reasonably get out of our current lease and into a new one cheap enough to allow us to save money.
moving back in with family would solve a lot of current issues, and allow us to hoard cash for a down payment to own something out here that would be cheaper than any rental option.

might have to move back to GA and live in my in-laws place for free so i can come back to colorado and buy a house.

work is going well but diversifying my income was smart and has paid well thus far.
keep tithing dearies.

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every man who’s able should send me $100 to deal with this surprise period and every man who isn’t able should punch himself in the dick 100 times

my friends @ajroach42 and @CaptainUnderpants can attest to my love of albums whose covers are graced with the images of naked women and i would like you all to know that thanks to the music in this lyft to the airport, i’ve been reminded of the album that started it all, this beauty. Shakira’s 2001 “Laundry Service”.