woke up, cried about the fact that one day i will be old and i might get dementia and i might forget Carla and if she’s alive or not and how horrible it would be to have to be told and re-told every day that she’s not around anymore or how hard it would be for her to have to see me decaying like that, then immediately started having some of the worst cramps of my life. cool. love 2b alive.

smokin a rose flavored blunt in bed with my gf who loves me. polygon reporters don’t know how to act.

sorry your inability to understand the interaectonality of an issue became blatantly obvious within five tweets i sent extremely stoned at 10AM
imagine what i could do with an entire essay bruh i could ruin your career

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today on on twitter i got blocked by a polygon reporter bc i qrt’d his crappy article about FLORIDA BAD with my correct opinion of SOUTHER QUEER PEOPLE EXIST AND DESERVE TO HAVE THINGS and he got upset & called me a loser lol

got all the remaining copies of Title Needs Work bound and trimmed, gonna ship out a copy to a friend today before i get to work, currently enjoying some sunshine and birdsong in my yard with my dogs

got a bunch of stuff done today
(kitchen table/workspace & chairs purchased and assembled, pendant light hung in kitchen, mirror mounted on the wall between fridge and window)
(small oval mirror mounted in bedroom featuring new bedframe & The Big Show)
(grow light mounted on plant shelf)

it’s so nice to be able to talk to customers about things that interest me (online, philosophy, social and cultural trends etc) instead of the things most cis straight men are interested in (trucks, the economy, my favorite sex positions)

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he’s like if the brawny paper towel man was an extreme electrical engineering nerd

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my favorite customer got more favorite and even more attractive when i asked if he knew what lolcows are and he said yes 😍

hello everyone please remember protein shakes are calories but not food and you need food

we’re watching videos about lol cows now it’s really engaging material. like the most horrible examples of human behavior. just online. for all to see.

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