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every day i think about starting a premium snapchat

maybe the greatest contribution I will ever make to the world of art

there's only 18 genders sorry liberal snowflakes

happy 5th birthday ARTPOP Show more

happy 5th birthday ARTPOP Show more

boost if ur not afraid to have a photograph of God on ur profile

[CW: EC]

i will give you cash ok literally just walk into a dispensary and ask what their cheapest indica is. very simple. i will feed you homemade meatballs.

if any of you live in Denver and are over 21 please DM me i have no weed, just started my period and i am dying of cramps. my license is still not valid or i'd go get some myself. someone please buy me weed. please.

sea gazelle is so hot pass it on

my favorite place to be touched on a sunday morning//lewd but not graphic//full bod Show more

had an agonizing in-line sbux experience behind an old, rich, bitchy lady who doesn't understand how sbux works and thinks that's sbux fault.
when they asked what they could get for me i was just like "world without old people--- err grande pep mocha, hot. thanks."

Uncomfortable with police state propaganda for children Show more

I always think middle aged women are carrying poppers in their bags but it just turns out to be some shitty essential oils or whatever, I don’t want your lavender oil Karen, I’m out here trying to kill my brain cells

the official uniform of Scorpio season

Broke: die hard is a Christmas movie
Woke: batman returns is a Christmas movie
Bespoke: eyes wide shut is a Christmas movie

sad post Show more

sad post Show more

@RawPecans I feel like I have never heard a story more true to the heart of you.