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lol. that was the worst house guest experience. it is three AM, witching hour, and i am casting a binding spell to keep myself firmly planted in the new place i've put myself, and a healing spell on her bc that bitch has some shit she gotta work out before imma be unhurt

i SMOKE cigarettes and this is overwhelming like this dude must hot box this thing

this lyft smells like sooooooo many cigarettes

my other phone is almost dead @Scarabeater so sorry if i randomly stop replying

nudes better than kendall jenner's Show more

(i only mention it because she totally offered to pay for me to get one)

more bitching Show more

im sorry your tattoo and vacation are never going to be as important to me as having a place to live so you are GONNA have to get over that

if you need SUPPORT for IMPORTANT things, that's cool. if you're asking me to sit with you and waste my entire afternoon/evening for some bullshit tattoo??? and you aren't even paying for me to get one??

i don't understand people who can't do anything by themselves. are y'all okay? no. you are NOT okay. you need to grow the fuck up and realize people have shit to do of their own so you need to learn how to do things INDEPENDENTLY OF OTHERS.

[standing at a podium with a dozen microphones from different news stations] i would like to apologize for deleting and remaking a toot that had a typo in it. it was done in a moment of weakness, and i do not blame you, the public, for being disappointed in me

hey, i’m suffering from existential dread and the only thing that helps is validation from strangers, can i gET SOME BOOSTS???!!??! :)

send me house warming money if you like my ass pics

venmo: RawPecans
cash: RawPecans

on the bright side, i have an apartment

im at this tattoo shop with my friend so she can get her stupid fucking vacation tattoo so hopefully she'll shut up about wanting to do shit and it is taking FOR FUCKING EVER

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booty booty booty rockin erewhere Show more