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all men inherently want things from women, such as but not limited to: pussy, emotional or mental labor, physical effort, social validation, or a general fuck given about you.
so LISTEN: women are constantly disadvantaged, even in the most habitable societies, we are witchhunted to death in the sneakiest of ways.
help women defend themselves by giving them the only thing that matters in ANY society, and always helps: money.

David lynch on the topic of pets

do men who won't shut up about steak want to eat the steak or fuck it?

tfw u bend down and the stank of ur unshowered ass almost puts u in an early grave

thinking about dating everyone on here at the same time. going to a restaurant and having a reservation for 50 every time we want olive garden

how much y'all freaks tryna pay for a clip of me putting on denim booty shorts cuz this hoe needs weeds

writing about cuddling instead of fucking .... interesting concept

i have to filter my first impulses through a cheesecloth that asks "is this coming to mind bc you're an annoying masculine douche/horny italian scum"

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i was joking that roomie does at least one annoying thing per day but now...... i have been keeping track and he's actually pretty consistent.... like..... i could have fired him by now if he was my employee

Brohan Sebastian Bach. Vincent van Broh. Leonardbro da Vinci. Rembrondt.

i think me being so into the idea of a third person who lives with us and is cute to hang out with is why i have this shitty roomie. i law of attracte this dickhead.

Every time Tom Petty comes on at work I think about @RawPecans and hope they’re having a nice day.

can my roommate please stop keeping his dabs in his room like a weirdo but simultaneously doing some of our dabs like here's a fucking idea: GET YOUR OWN RIG.