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all men inherently want things from women, such as but not limited to: pussy, emotional or mental labor, physical effort, social validation, or a general fuck given about you.
so LISTEN: women are constantly disadvantaged, even in the most habitable societies, we are witchhunted to death in the sneakiest of ways.
help women defend themselves by giving them the only thing that matters in ANY society, and always helps: money.


my enemies better find some real creative assassins for real

i watch so much murder content lmao good luck ever killing me im never gonna fall for any of this shit

420 blaze it what’s good 


y’all some real tumblr ass bitches sometimes i expect better honestly

literally get off your high horse, stand behind it, and slap it on the ass until it kicks your skull hard enough to knock some sense into you

sorry it’s terrible to be around me have you considered it’s also terrible to BE ME

people who don’t smoke cigs are so privileged about it sometimes like congrats on not having to rely on cheap anxiety relief im proud of you for being able to afford healthier coping mechanisms

white people:

indigenous culture is lost forever

*performs non-consentual historectomies on indigenous women*

to the sands of time

*kidnaps indigenous babies from their mothers*

if only we could go back

*arrests indigenous men*

and change what was

*buries radioactive materials next to indigenous food sources*

oh well! let's look to the future

Please buy my book? Perfect for D&D fans and those who prefer sweetdark to grimdark. 

poem, short, gay, yet unreleased 

bitching about work 

bitching about work 

bitching about work 

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