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"Dating tip: if a guy tells you he’s not very political, he’s conservative but has learned that won’t get him laid"

Wilfred doesn't watch like a show that'll have a happy or triumphant conclusion.

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ever been so sick you had to throw away more than 1 pair of underwear?

...yeah me neither, totally.


Sending my sister to go get a nettiepot while I struggle to gargle salt water. Something in my sinuses just immediately got massively fucked up and I'm trying not to panic.

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My point here isn't that rebooting a machine is a bad troubleshooting step, it's that rebooting a machine and not investigating the issue further is unacceptable.

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Woke up about 10 hours ago with a hellacious, debilitating migraine. Couldn't eat much so I choked down a couple cookies with tylenol. Lapsed in and out of napping until 2pm where I finally stopped feeling completely out of it and managed to eat some homemade Brunswick stew.

That did more for my headache than medicine. Just had a turkey and provolone and now the headache element of the migraine is almost entirely abated.

Weird that food fixed more than medicine.

@ajroach42 yo i have some friends in Denver who have a magazine full of naked beautiful people plus poems and artwork from a very diverse collection of producers who are running into the problem of no printing company wanting to print their shit bc it’s risqué and literally called Nudie Magazine. anyway i suggested the analog revolution model of making it hella cheap and getting it into as many hands as possible (original issue was very glossy beautiful but expensive)

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Im advertising-blind and had to read this 3 times to catch it.

Hey users!

I'm looking for a CD titler similar to a casino CW-100, and associated software and for or another derivative.

Do you know of something similar with Linux support? Or am I going to have to stick this thing on an airgapped XP box or a well isolated VM?

Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime

That was a poem for a simpler time.

Now the boss makes a grand and I don't make jack

That's why we need to seize the means back.