We did 1100 in sales today and literally did not stop cleaning at any point. That shit was exhausting.

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Current Events 

1) - we are baking and preparing food to re-open the coffee shop.

2) - we are cleaning a million things and making arrangements for safe social distancing and proper sanitization within the coffee shop. That means removing all the board games and books and marking off tables and so on and so forth.

3) - I am going to print a bunch of signs and such to hang up

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Another genderless insult you can use in your time of greatest need 

Existential Crisis Level:

Just googled: "what did i used to do on the internet"

Hey! I'm looking for businesses in the south east that don't suck a whole lot!

We're trying to source some products for our coffee shop, and looking to spend our money with small businesses that treat their employees well and don't actively make the world worse.

Do you have any suggestions?

Fuck it, finished Barry.

8.5/10. Wanting season 3 asap 5sure.


Paintball ball episode (s2e24b) #2, pt2 is so great. The splitting of group leadership, the true villainous face of Pierce, Abed flirting with Annie and reciprocating, Troy being dressed like Korbin Dallas, the City College dream team being dressed analogous to Stormtroopers.

My dad is doing one of those vaguely sleazy "like and share" promotions on facebook for our toys.

If you want to enter, I'd rather the toy go to someone from here anyway.


I don't love that we have to be on facebook to market the business, and I don't really care for this kind of a raffle kind of thing, but here we are.

They arrested those two hicks on murder charges of that jogger. I hope the bastards rot. As opposed as i am to the American prison system, those fucks deserve to experience the horrors of every part of it firsthand.

Replaying final fantasy x because i am lonely lol. How's yall's shelter/ quarantine going?

Skip Anna vs the Apocalypse. Not a comedy at all. Bleak underwhelming and not even a passable musical.


Furlough makes me have so much free time that i forget social media exists.

what did i do at night with insomnia, before i had a fuckin morning job? Jeez I'm outta sorts.

GApol, covid 

Progress - Expedition Sasquatch 

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