Maybe some of my executive function is finally returning after the multilayered trauma of 2019-2021 caused me to careen into one of @Ethancdavenport 's new directions (the spiral one) of inactivity and sedentary languishing.

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You know how your brain tries to find the person you're on the phone with and you get a weird burst of nervous physical energy that gets you pacing? I channeled that into cleaning and organizing the kitchen in our apartment twice in the past 48 hours.

Today, a trio of incredibly brave drain flies divebombed my dinner so i elected to just clean up my desk station from which all these toots are penned, to truly remove their hiding spots.

Last week i vacuumed, along with other daunting tasks.

at least I'm probably past the halfway point of this life bullshit lol

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fuck cops and fuck Atlanta city council 

So Atlanta city council just passed their resolution to demolish the Atlanta forest to build a massive training facility for the cops, who killed two people last week.

They passed this despite seventeen hours of public comment, over 70% of which was against building the facility, and protest demonstrations outside literally every council member’s home while they were on video call voting on the matter.

Ah yes, reaching critical mass stress levels while at home alone.

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Yes, of course, May Day is superior in every way to us federal Labor Day. However, I will use any opportunity I can to raise class consciousness.

All power to the people of the working class, by any means necessary.

My man just said "your loss" about banging his wife lmao fuck Tripp get it in bro, rose petal bath needs to happen ASAP they've been mean af to you this season

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easily one of the funniest moments in all of Trek is when Tripp meets Phlox's second wife and she prowls around him so hard that it rattles Tripps soul

And when he eventually tells Phlox, iirc (not all the way through the episode yet) The doc is straight up like "Man you should have totally hit that, you do NOT know what you're missing."

Y'all might have seen this guy before, Skweezy is the dude who went to India instead of Indiana etc etc.

Did you know he's a science fiction writer? And apparent... okay at it?

Watching what might be my favorite episode of Enterprise, where you find out that T'Pol's great grandmother is the "inventor" of velcro and other idiosyncrasies.

Okay, just had a game idea.

Hear me out.

Eldritch Horror genre.
Oregon Trail format.

"You have died from Dysen-sanity"

First full day back home since the 19th was bad.

I closed some doors and found a way to sonic boom him with a washcloth. I left the psychic wars behind and took to meatspace with my grievances.

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Currently having a psionic battle of wills with the thumb-sized waterbug on the ceiling of the condo I'm in. I cannot do combat with him because i will most assuredly wake up multiple other vacationers in the immediate vicinity.

Trying to psychicly crush its mind is my only current option.

Richly hued sunset on the gulf of Mexico. It amazes me that people see this every single day.

Fascist trash stole DeVito's checkmark after he expressed solidarity. Birdsite is hellsite.

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just thinking about None Pizza with Left Beef makes me feel old

I can see myself in my highschool computer lab, 2009, on tumblr. and this is still an image people laugh at

Laundry, linens, vacuuming, kitchen spruce and and trash. Little bit of gaming. Need to make the bed, and fold the last bit of laundry. Just gotta keep doing these things and let them become normal routine again.

No pressure or anything but y'all got any spare purpose or meaning you could lemme have? Running short on them here

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