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caught a cold in the middle of a week of frenetic focus and productivity, as if my physical body demands i maintain the feline lackadaisical tide of my usual participation in society

c'est la vie, at least i can do weirder voices than usual for one day.

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When we have communist public schools (and have communized all private schools), we are going to teach students how the fuck a double-blind, peer-reviewed study works.

We must ensure that no future generations reach the nadir of anti-scientific, wholly uncritical thought that our current society has.

Relatedly, we must eradicate bigotry in science and medicine especially. Misogyny, ableism,racism, and transphobia are rampant in these disciplines.

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If you are worried about anti-fascist violence, don’t be a fucking fascist.

@ajroach42 let's catch up tomorrow and see if we can get something going

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Oh man, I just got the latest progress update from the 3D animator I'm working with for our spaceships, and everything looks phenomenal, and I'm very happy.

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Here is my Silent Remix of Teenagers From Outerspace in VP9 and Opus.

It's 3.9 MB and 15.5 minutes for a bitrate of roughly 30KBps.

It's slightly higher bitrate than the absolute smallest video I've ever put together, but I think it looks much better than the other low bitrate videos I've done.

I was impressed with VP9. If I was prepping something for wide distribution on the cheap, I would probably use similar encoding.

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My body has no idea wtf to do with guacamole and it shows.

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Good morning. I hope the sun finds you, and that its warmth embraces you (but not too much.)

Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.
— Earl Nightingale


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Announcing the Become The Media film festival from the Ellijay makerspace.

Our first annual fall film fest!

Recommended 15 minutes or less, required 4:3/standard definition. Remote submissions are welcome, tell your friends.


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We have obtained a wheel and a kiln. The space is nearly ready.

Managed to finish Enterprise one more time before netflix pulled it. That hollow feeling that follows finishing any show longer than 20 episodes, is no joke. You get accustomed to it after awhile, and my coping mechanism is to jump into another series immediately like most people, but i have cleanse the palate with something new that's totally different from what i just watched.

So a new season of Sex Ed just dropped but it's been awhile since I've seen the previous two seasons. Different!

Maybe some of my executive function is finally returning after the multilayered trauma of 2019-2021 caused me to careen into one of @Ethancdavenport 's new directions (the spiral one) of inactivity and sedentary languishing.

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You know how your brain tries to find the person you're on the phone with and you get a weird burst of nervous physical energy that gets you pacing? I channeled that into cleaning and organizing the kitchen in our apartment twice in the past 48 hours.

Today, a trio of incredibly brave drain flies divebombed my dinner so i elected to just clean up my desk station from which all these toots are penned, to truly remove their hiding spots.

Last week i vacuumed, along with other daunting tasks.

at least I'm probably past the halfway point of this life bullshit lol

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