Okay taxes filed and now I'm ready to be a person again since the looming cloud of doubt made of mist, adult responsibilities and general uncertainties has temporarily been blown away.

found out last year that my cousin was moving out of Texas bc it was getting "too liberal for her to start a family in" and wanted to move back to Florida, and today i saw her big "blood sweat and tears went into this little ranch and I'm so sad to see it go ;_;" post on Facebook

and i just really hate all of it

Found the spoons to schedule a meeting with H&R Block since I'm no longer in contact with the family of my former accountant

bathroom accident humor, excerpt from a longer post 

"I was wearing my new shorts too. The boxers could not be salvaged. Lost in the torrential fury of time-weathering and my own brew of teleplasm."

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birdsite banned 


Your account has been suspended and will not be restored because it was found to be violating Twitter's Terms of Service, specifically the Twitter Rules against hateful conduct."

oh you fuckin nazi loving shitlords have the audacity to email me after denying my appeal. All i did was send guillotine gifs to capitol invaders in January. I'm no statist or whatever but the penalty for treason is death and boyyyyy if anyone should be gillateen'd its them fascist mad(wo)men.

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Alright y'all.

We own the building. It's 7800 sqft. It needs some work, but ( aside from the roof ) it's all minor.

We already have some equipment and there is more on the way.

We have some paperwork and legal to take care of, but it's all small.

We have a maker space.

Here's a map.

Here's a logo.

It took all my spoons for Tuesday but i figured out what a good start on what info i needed for filling taxes. Part of the whole being behind thing is my former best friend's father in law was my 'accountant' and it felt prudent to trim that relationship with the rest of the ties.





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They made oxygen on mars.

From Co2.

Nasa simulated photosynthesis.

I got prick 1 of 2 Monday and since then I've slept intermittently half that time with body aches and a migraine. Big ass oof.

been chipping away at the Snyder Cut for a few days, and I've come to conclusion that Momoa is just DC's "Wet Thor"

trying to Snyder Cut but the constant slow-mo and singing bits is driving my adhd up the wall

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Alright, let's play a game.

Boosts appreciated, the wider the reach, the more useful the responses.

Please suggest to me 1 - 5 channels on peertube, vemio, or youtube with under 1000 subscribers, that are producing interesting or worthwhile content.

Sketches and jokes! Video Essays! Concert films! You name it.

Show me your favorite works from small creators. I'm going to do a thing to highlight some of them.

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