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It was recommended that I call this TV, and I like that.

Now I just gotta set up my green screen and design some Space Corps uniforms, I guess.

Fictional reality TV is a genre that I think could be really fun for some experimentation.

Take the Star Trek universe and make it less formal, serious, and competent (or, rather, take The Orville's universe and make it less MacFarlaney), and then imagine a reality TV show that is just, like, Ice Road Truckers but about people doing a difficult space shipping route, or do Swamp People with fourth generation settlers of a far flung, low tech colony.

I love how you can tell from Ethan's bemused smile that we are laughing at and/or with him.

(I don't want to be a camera personality. I'm a bit of a writer, and a bit of a producer. I can also perform when I need to, but it's not where my interests are.

The solution to this problem is for me to find someone else to be my on camera talent, so I can focus my efforts on making the most 1988 public access TV show I can.

I wonder what DC area nerd I can talk in to being my on camera nerd.)

@ajroach42 anytime an episode comes out I bump it into the “next” spot of my queue.

You and @Username_Here_ASAP are doing an incredible job.

The responses to Expedition Sasquatch have so far been really positive, and I'm super excited that I have played a hand in bringing this out in to the world.

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This older homeless lady just broke down sobbing toward me because I listened to her tell me about her weekend while she smoked a cigarette on a bench near my apartment.

Talk to folk around you, folk.

Some people use the paradox of tolerance to justify being aggressively intolerant of the slightest deviation from their preferred beliefs, ideology, or societal norms, and punish others for that deviation.

Guess what, they're the baddies

Heard a bunch of Ferguson organizers have been found burned to death in their cars.

Now, I understand that the ultimate goal is peace, prosperity and progress with diversity.

I mean it. I understand what our goal is, here.

But if you want me to accept leniency for monsters who assassinate political revolutionaries like that? You and I are gonna have to agree to disagree in exactly where these murderers end up.

I don't believe in 1 minute of mercy for those heinous bastards. Not 1 minute.

Episode two of our little ridiculous comedy podcast about the world's premier sasquatch hunter was released earlier today, and I'm super proud of it.

If a comedy about a bigfoot hunter sounds like your style, give it a shot? We'd appreciate the subscription.

Episodes roughly monthly.

Josh go to bed u have to be up in 3.75 hours

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Im doing better today. I took some time to listen to specific tracks from games that had especially emotional arrangements. It helped balance me out a little. Also got some caffeine.

I would do anything. Literally anything to un-experience and un-remember and return all the time wasted on video games. I would trade it all away to have that time back. Fuck zelda, fuck doom, fuck q*bert, fuck FFX, fuck Mario kart, fuck star wars games, fuck destiny the hardest. Im so fucking sick of difficulty being there only way these stupid fucking developers can make a game engaging or interesting. I've wasted a pretty already pathetic life on games and I wanna die because of it.

Apparently after nothing happened between them IRL, they stayed in contact over radio until the internet became mainstream and migrated to that.

I think me and the 4th person (who seemed to a be a chick but I got no data on anymore) met them in a game or something first.