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The state of Georgia has been ordered by Federal judge, to delay the deadline.

There are thousands of provisional ballots, that may bring the counts close enough to require a recount.

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The idea of wishing upon a star is thought to have originated with the Greek astronomer Ptolmey between 127-151 AD. In the depths of space, 1000 light years away, one star listened. Now it is the year 2139 and the very first wishes are beginning to come true.
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Me waking up in the morning:
:blobcatmelted: :blobcatmelt5: :blobcatmelt4: :blobcatmelt3: :blobcatmelt2: :blobcatmelt: :blobcat: :blobcatcoffee:

You're not a real gamer until you've deepthroated a wii mote.


Me: *likes someone*
Them: *likes me back*
Me: well this can't be right...

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Reminder for writers: write what you want to write. Don't worry about original concepts. Its original WRITING that matters.

If 2 people are given the same prompt, they will write 2 completely different stories.

If 2 people are given the same PLOT, they will write 2 completely different stories.

If YOU NOW are given a prompt and YOU LATER are given the same one, you will write 2 completely different stories.

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To celibrate my t-shirt website (spaceageideas.com) being back online, I think I'm going to make a few t-shirts for my Roblox Avatar.

Journalism is important and I miss it.

The climax of The Spider novel that I read while I was on the plane was this:

The Spider breaks in to a secret meeting of the congress of the state of New York, with a short wave radio transmitter and a microphone.

He records and broadcasts that meeting, with a little commentary.

He performs journalism.

In this novel about killing fascists, the climax is the performance of journalism.

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