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Hey, recommend me some cool people doing good work, or some dorks doing anything interesting to follow.

I have a lot of inactive accounts in my following list, and I'd like to fix that.

"And before I go-"

"*Don't* say that!"

"Rose. Before I go, I just wanna tell you you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And d'you know what?"

*Rose shakes her head..*

"So was I." :D *whoooooooooooooooosh*

It's been years since I've had a vivid nightmare, so I'm in a weird headspace today for sure

I think i wanna restart doctor who and get caught up, maybe skip matt smith though, never really landed with me

Hey, do you have friends in north central GA, in the ballpark of 515?

I'm looking for coffeeshop workers in that area, get in touch?

intimidation at me. So I think I'm going to spend today in a quiet, pensive place while I prepare myself to be a sherpa for a Destiny 2 raid, a level of leadership and competency that I have yet to experience from my position in the three years that I have played the game.

Having spent my day yesterday very social and interactive, and helping others, going to do the same thing today but without having to be around anyone physically.

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[Continue of yesterday's drama ] apparently they have gotten squared away on everything and it should be the end of any trouble betwixt them, including anything that would drag me in.

I understand that he was in pain because he had made a rash decision to remove her and then second-guessed that decision, I also understand that he has a history of being in relationships that are not copacetic, but I am going to always be bothered by the fact that his knee-jerk reaction was to attempt <c>

Apparently her ex was really mad that i was there, to the point of messaging me directly and vaguely threatening me. Eyeroll. Don't throw people's shit out if you don't want them to get help collecting it, dipshit.

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She has already venmo'd me the cash necessary to complete the act for now, less of a financial blow and one of a more intangible and physical woe. Achy and tired.

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As this juncture, that means I have to help her get a U-Haul and storage unit for a temporary relocation. Since she doesn't have a picture ID currently, my information is going on that.

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Today in: using up a weeks worth of spoons

Friend of mine is breaking up with her man and he put all her shit on the curb.

my brother is going to die soon
his cancer spread to his nervous system
it is untreatable
please send money
i am broke and need to get drunk tonight
please understand
i promise not to go off the deep end
but i need to drink tonight
thank you
Venmo: @RawPecans
PayPal: yaoi4u@icloud.com
ask me for zelle

To be clear, if you aren’t making effort to make black kids (and black folks generally) feel welcome in your workplace/public areas, you should think about why.

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