"Activists Build Facial Recognition to ID Cops Who Hide Their Badges"

what kinda hellworld do we live in where this headline gave me a mix of hope and fear

Man 2020 is gonna end with me being so alone that i don't want to start 2021, the sheer amount of alienation i experience everywhere is fuckin wild

Lol at exploded hot sauce stain my shitty eyes missed until just now

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whuppity fuck here's to hoping it counts towards something meaningful instead of farcical horseshit

saying "fucking send it", "pog champ" and "Lets goooooo" to not be called a boomer by people and hating myself.

I got invited to the weirdest dudebro horny discord and 9 minutes in without me talking, they started talking about d&d. Something that some of you know I'm acquainted with and somewhat known for. Wtf.

Faux pas, I couldn't do it anymore, i just couldn't stop myself 

Found out that one of my former best friends is regularly complaining about how things went down and he's bummed out about it.

Plus trump might be dying.

I hate that 2020 has taught me a new, vindictive schadenfreude. Its kinda hollow to hate so much that misery brings you joy.

birdsite, trolling, pol, child abuse 

I can't even tell if i have a sense of humor anymore, or if I'm fully into the gallows now

If the American government is sterilizing women at the border, couldn't Mexico like? Declare sanctions through the UN or SOMETHING against the US for crimes against humanity? I'm not anywhere near geopolitically informed by i feel like the rest of the planet should be losing their fucking minds about that

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