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Work complaints. Image policy. Show more

Work complaints. Image policy. Show more

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Just finished Welcome to Nightvale episode 48. Really starting to enjoy this story, now that it fuckin' exists lol

nip slip // BOOSTABLE nude Show more

Another genderless insult you can use in a bookstore Show more

My job fucking sucks. Help me find a new job.

I’m good at lots of things. I am REALLY good at learning how to be good at new things.

I listen to 90 minutes of this nightvale shit in a row, 5 days a week. My sleep schedule is falling apart like most smalltown infrastructure.

Good times.

Spent all morning in my phone, trying to kinda like... reach something? Someone? Idk. I feel like I'm looking for something that I just put down and can't find it.

Hi! I'd like to know about Little Free Libraries.

Do you know about Little Free Libraries?

It seems like a cute idea, the organization doesn't seem horrible. Are there flaws I'm missing?

Is there a better way to reach the same goal?

finally cracked my phone screen, adulthood hot mess achievement unlocked

Who is free Thursday evening around 7p EST and wants to watch the 1923 Harold Lloyd silent film Safety Last with me and a few other nerds and then maybe talk about it while being recorded?

I’m not sure how many slots I have available in this app that I’m playing with for recording, but it’s at least a couple.

I’m hoping that I can get @Ethancdavenport or @CaptainUnderpants or @RawPecans or @TaxDan or @Username_Here_ASAP at the least, but if anyone else want to talk about silent movies, HMU

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@Username_Here_ASAP Congrats, you're hired!

Aqua Banshee Janitorial Supplies
"Just buy the damn janitorial supplies."

got gilded on reddit merry xmas everyone I'm awesome

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