Today seems like a harmless day to overcaffeinate myself and do things.

Fell asleep early last night, woke up at 3am today.
Decided to finally try kroger's private selection bean blend of mocha latte flavored coffee, which I'm pouring directly onto instant hot cocoa for double mocha lattes today. It is fine.

Got a quarter of a Expedition Sasquatch script written, my laundry started, a real breakfast of sausage and hashbrowns indulged in, and I'm sipping water to avoid dehydration during this mocha latte pot.

Adhd wrestling resumes after a little bit of video games.

a georgia state trooper killed a civilian in the Weelaunee Forest earlier today, 18 january 2023. the media and officials are already spinning this as an attack on the cops, and escalating violence against forest defenders as i write.

Atlanta Community Press Collective press release on protestor killed in Weelaunee Forest 18jan23 

Today the police shot and killed a protester in Weelaunee Forest.

Dozens of heavily armed DeKalb Police, Atlanta Police and Georgia State police shut down Weelaunee People’s Park and nearby streets before entering the tree line with guns drawn and heavy machinery poised to continue forest destruction.

Police have repeatedly raided this public park, flattened community gardens and art installations, attacked protestors with chemical weapons and rubber bullets, and threatened lethal force. During past raids, police have consistently escalated violent tactics on peaceful people who were sitting in trees or walking through the public park. Since June 6, 2022, activists and community members fighting to Defend the Atlanta Forest and Stop Cop City have been demanding that officers stop bringing weapons into the forest after APD pointed their weapons at peaceful protestors.

The police and local news are working together to control the flow of information, leaving us with vague news reports that suggest the officer fired at the civilian in self-defense. We know they will say and do anything to prevent an Atlanta officer from being viewed as another Derek Chauvin, including witholding, distorting, or deleting evidence. Supporters of the movement are calling on legal observers and journalists to document the violent police tactics being used against protestors.

Since the fatal shooting, this morning’s operation has continued with Brasfield and Gorrie’s heavy machinery entering the forest and cops shooting pepper balls at people who remain in the park–as if nothing has happened. The loss of our lives remains meaningless to the police. Police killed a forest defender for loving this earth, for taking a stand against the ongoing destruction of the planet and its people. Indiscriminate police murder, unfettered police violence is exactly why people have, for two years, called for the Cop City project to be cancelled immediately. As politicians invest in cops, militarization and police budgets are only increasing. Meanwhile, police murders peaked in 2022: U.S. cops killed 100 people every month.

What is taking place is a classic example of tyrannical government overreach. The public has a right to defend its interests. We are advocates of a free and peaceful society built on cooperation and mutual understanding. The government is escalating this situation pointlessly.

Allow peace to return to our community.

Cancel the Cop City project. Return Intrenchment Creek Park to the public.

Drop the charges against protesters.

No one can bring our friend back to us. An innocent life has been taken and the machines continue.

Wherever you are, we invite you to come to Atlanta Friday, January 20 for a candlelight vigil to remember and grieve our lost friend. We will not go quietly into this dark night. RIP, with love and solidarity.

Fully embracing my adhd need for multiple drinks by refilling my ice water every time i refill my coffee today, fuel for the addiction and fuel for the meatsuit 1:1

culture in the information age peaked with the memetification of Mr Cool Ice

poking my head up here again, that seasonal affected spiral absolutely running me ragged. Family going through some bullshit. Insomnia controlling my availability.

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the new year, I hope you made the transfer without incident.

It is my duty and privilege to inform you that Episode one of Jupiter's Ghost is out now, and that you can listen to it embedded here, probably, or on the website linked from the embed, probably, unless I broke something which is possible. It's chewing gum and bailing wire all the way down.

I've been working on this since at least 2016 in it's current incarnation, but it's based on ideas and scripts that @Username_Here_ASAP and I wrote ... god, I dunno. 2015? 2014? 2013?

This episode features contributions from @Ethancdavenport and @TaxDan and @connor_dylan

The next episode will probably feature contributions from @DoctorDeathray and @sam and maybe @68km and @syrinx and @danhunsaker. Maybe we'll even talk the venerable DJ Sundog in to voicing a character (or perhaps Lady Sundog wants to join our rag tag crew! Who's to say?)

finally put some paraphernalia and lights up, sitting here listening to instrumental seasonal classics and trying to find that little shred of cheer in the swampy malaise that the s.a.d. put me in. I really miss the world i used to live in but i guess i can keep a piece of it with me in the future instead of lamenting the passage of time

Its not cold, drab, dreary or dark. Its just exactly the same every single day.

Sibling birthday weekend has commenced, we roadtripped to Medieval Times and it was fun

i wish i had two bodies so i could appropriately bully myself into eating, drinking water, and also help me with making the bed and whatnot

current state of mental health;

deleting games, laying in bed in the dark, drafting a post currently titled "celebrities/public figures i detest and wish ill upon, and why"

Took a double dose of melatonin at the risk of triggering a migraine just to get to sleep before 6am for once and i woke up in a veritable puddle of drool with enough sleep in my eyes to have crusted them shut. It was as if my body decided it was time to finally embrace the leftover moth dna and form a cocoon, and the process was interrupted by my caffeine addiction.

there's something poetical about putting pads up on the walls of the closet that o record voices in

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