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Nothing worse than seeing a loved one go through the Murphy's Law world record of bad days with inconveniences amid adulting challenges.

Sometimes i feel like it's really selfish of the world to be sad when people want to leave it in any way they choose

Sidetoot to something @emsenn was talking about:

If your library subscribes to Kanopy, a film streaming service, then you have free access to a large library of educational lectures from the Great Courses

You can watch hours and hours of lectures by professionals on various trades & skills, as well as science & history!

Matched with a nerd on tinder and their first question is "whos your favourite superhero?" And i literally blanked on a favorite and also kinda hate everyone who comes to mind wtf

Image policies are antiquated horseshit and their enforcers are boomer filth that have outlived their ability to contribute to society in any meaningful way.

Repeat after me:

Identity politics is a Regressive slur to describe civil rights.

Repeat. Till it sinks in.

yarrr who has ye olden treasure map fer Picard? I needta seenit.

Georgia law basically makes you get a club-specific permit to dance, so it’s a good idea to get actually hired before applying for the permit. if i don’t get hired, i’ll ask what i could strengthen, work on it, and reapply. also may apply at a different club, but i’d like to go to that one specifically if i can help it. it’s well-known and seems to have good day shifts and wealthy older clientele (more focus on convo/lap dancing VS actually having to be good at more active dancing).

Hi! What are your favorite games currently on

I'll buy (and play) the first five or six that look interesting, and boost all of them.

Guys im sorry but this is like my last ventspace where i can whine about being lonely and single and shit and thus week that shits hitting different so when yaboi starts getting sad on main, imma need u to not inundate me with advice and platitudes and just ride it out with me.

The sads are coming in hot and heavy bigly af

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