It looks like runs without issue on my pinebook pro.

Or, at least, it *launches* without error.

I don't have enough people around to actually try to play tonight, but I'll try again tomorrow.

Has anyone tried to run this on a pi4? I bet it'd run on the pi4. I'm going to try that tomorrow too.

I fiddled with this some more yesterday and ended up crashing the game. Until it crashed, it appeared to be running pretty well.

I haven't had a chance to try it on a pi4 yet, but I imagine that will be successful as well.

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@ajroach42 I was about to, but I can't seem to get a bootable image for mine. 😢

@danhunsaker it doesn't take long to compile, or at least it didn't on my pinebook, and the instructions are pretty straightforward

@ajroach42 Yeah, got it set up on a VM. Just not having any luck getting my pi4 to start.

@ajroach42 Re-flashed Raspbian and ran through the install steps. Just waiting for assets, now, then I'll give it a whirl on my pi4 and let you know what happens.

@danhunsaker most curious to know if the weapons screen works. You'll have to go to engineering and give power to impulse and weapons in order to test it.


@ajroach42 Well, I was able to aim and shoot the planets, so I'm guessing Weps works fine. 😄

@danhunsaker neat! I'll have to give it a go when I have a chance to fiddle with it again.

@danhunsaker @ajroach42 Did you notice any red FPS indicator in the upper left part of the screen? (If this appears, it means it's having trouble hitting 30 FPS.) If SNIS works on a pi 4, that'd be awesome. The weapons screen is probably the most demanding (except maybe main/nav hybrid mode, activated via "SET MAIN_NAV_HYBRID=1" on demon screen.)

@smcameron @danhunsaker I'm hoping to give this a shot myself tonight, so I'll let you know and share some screenshots.

@smcameron @danhunsaker On my pinebook pro, it was sitting around 25fps on nav, and dipped down in to the teens on weapons.

I'll try my pi 4 next, just have to get it set up.

@ajroach42 @danhunsaker Yeah, I kind of figured it'd have trouble making 30 FPS.

@smcameron @ajroach42 Yeah, I saw the FPS counter in the VMs I used to build a live USB, so I was looking for them with the Pi, but they never showed, so I'm thinking the 4 is finally powerful enough to keep up.

@smcameron @ajroach42 Just fired it up again to confirm, and everything was nice and smooth on both weps and hybrid main/nav. No sign of a low FPS warning the entire time I played around with either.

@smcameron @ajroach42 Would keep an eye on the pi4's heat, though. Might want a fan or something.

@danhunsaker @smcameron I've got a heat sink on mine, but I'll watch the temp when I get it going.

@danhunsaker @ajroach42 Presumably you were just running the SNIS client on the RPI4, and the SNIS server on something else, right?

@danhunsaker @ajroach42 Ok, that is awesome to find out that SNIS runs on a Raspberry pi 4 at reasonable FPS!

@danhunsaker @ajroach42 Also, what resolution was your screen? Graphics tend to be fill-rate limited.

@smcameron @danhunsaker Jut got back from dinner. Imaging my pi and installing, and then I'll let you know, and run any tests you'd like.

@smcameron @ajroach42 Everything on the Pi at once, actually. Was being lazy.

720p. I could dial it up to 1080p if you'd like and see how that fares?

@danhunsaker @ajroach42 1080p? Sure, try it. More data is better. Let's see where it breaks.

@smcameron @ajroach42 Seems to start dropping frames (I saw as low as the mid-10s) when anything's moving on screen at 1080p.

Back at 720p it showed the slightest drops into 28-29 territory. I'm sure that would vanish with the server processes elsewhere.

@danhunsaker @ajroach42 It's really great news that SNIS runs well on the Raspberry pi 4 at 720p. Even with a few dips into 28,29fps territory, some screens are less demanding. It greatly reduces the cost of a 5 or 6 station setup if the R Pi 4 works for even some of the stations, although it sounds like it's more or less acceptable for all of the stations, possibly excepting Main Screen if you want high resolution. Thanks so much for trying this out an reporting your results!

@smcameron Hoping @ajroach42 can confirm my results, or at least give more numbers to work from as a base for recommending the Pi4 for this. 🙂

@smcameron @danhunsaker I dunno what the issue is, but I can't get my pi to boot right now. I'll fiddle with it some more tomorrow and let you both know how it goes.

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@danhunsaker @ajroach42 Dan, were you overclocking the pi? I tried witha 4G pi4B and at 720p had FPS in the 20's on main screen and weapons whenever a planet was taking a significant fraction of the screen. Demon was in the 10s at the "home" viewpoint.

@smcameron @ajroach42 I wouldn't even begin to know how to overclock a Pi, so no, I wasn't. That said, I wouldn't be terribly surprised if my results were abnormal, since I wasn't running anything beyond the minimal software itself - no missions or suchlike. It's good to have more data points on this.

@danhunsaker @ajroach42 No problem. If you didn't happen to point the camera at a planet you wouldn't see any problems. I have the advantage of knowing some of the weaknesses to poke at.

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