If you have followed me recently, Hello!

There are about 50 of you this week, and I'm not going to have the time to individual vet each of you to decide if I want to follow back, so instead:

If you're a new follower of mine, and I don't follow you, and you think I'd like to, respond to this and tell me so?

@ajroach42 I *might* fall into this category? :-)

Unrelated: I subscribed to your email years ago and I haven't seen anything.
Is that still a thing? Do I need to resub?

@groovestomp I haven't sent out an email in ages because I've been living in chaos since 2016 :-D

I'll rectify that in the near future.

@ajroach42 excellent. No pressure, of course!

By the way, I really like reading your thoughts on the 10 year computer.

I know practically nothing about embedded computing or how to make the ESP32 into anything resembling a complete computing device.

Definitely an area ripe for my imagination.

Keep it up! :-)

@groovestomp When I get my VGA development board, I'll do some posts and maybe a video showing how to flash the firmware and what have you.

@ajroach42 Awesome! Glad I'm following you again. 🙂

(I took a hiatus from all social media, and I'm on a different server now than I was before.)

@ajroach42 Hi! I'm following you because your interesting threads on future-proofing computing and delay-tolerant networks piqued my interest; both areas of interest of mine.

I just wrote about the problems of the "attention economy", so I don't tell people to pay attention to me. Follow me if you like, or not, it's fine😃

I got pulled in to #Mastodon because I believe #decentralization is a must, and then discovered the fantastic #community here.

@ajroach42 hi hi! I dunno if you wanna follow me, but I'd like to follow you because of your esp32 / decade computer ideas. I worked in a developing nation (Timor Leste) and messed with the esp32 there when I ran an electronics club. 1) I am a hobbyist microcontroller tinkerer and 2) I want more systems to be kind to low connectivity / low resource environments (ie developing nations, revolutions, etc) and 3) hell yes, graceful degradation (I'm a web dev right now).

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