Anybody want to get paid to make cc-by-sa licensed clip art and video game sprites?

I need some art work for some things, and I'd rather 1) hire someone to make it, 2) ensure it's released under an open content license.

What do you think?

@ajroach42 Hi.

This is my work:

And here's some vector art I've released as cc 0 (public domain):

Ping me if my style suits you. Best of luck with your project either way.

@argumento These are great, thank you for sharing. I'll let you know a little more about what we're looking for in the morning and we can go from there?

@ajroach42 Sure. You can reach me here or at argumento at

Glad you liked my work.

@ajroach42 A lot of the artists on those will say if they do commissions for specific things.

@ajroach42 hit up @dzuk

He blocks half of fedi, but his iconography is top notch. Apple-tier.

@ajroach42 also i would take into account that is made by FLOSS and not Adobe or privative software, wouldn't i?

@ona that's how I prefer to work, but I'm not as picky about how others work, as long as the finished product is delivered in an open format. (SVG, transparent png, etc.)

@ajroach42 i can understand your opinion, but i think it is good to support people that use FLOSS. and as a whole,it is more ethic, isn't it? 🐧

@ona Sure, using free software is the more ethical alternative, and anything I pay for will come in a file format that can be used in free software.

But open media creation tools are uneven in terms of quality and capability, and I'm not going to mandate what tools someone else uses. I've been known to fall back to proprietary tools when the alternative was a bad user experience or a slower delivery.

@ajroach42 I use FLOSS for graphics and nowadays there is not need to fall back to proprietary tools if you use them often. i only suggested that you can ask as one item to give points on the offer. have a good day 🐧

@ajroach42 hi i'd be up for it (although i literally haven't created any video game sprites before, but i guess i could give it a try)

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