I want to hear the local bands that you loved when you were involved in your local music scene.

If you're still involved, send me some bandcamp links. If you stopped going to local shows fifteen years ago, it's time to rip your CD-Rs.

@ajroach42 I've never been involved in my local music scene, but there was a tiny Toronto band I discovered via an Australian podcast that only put out like three songs before breaking up called Eyebutterfly that I quite liked.

@ajroach42 Forever Still has grown a bit since I bought their tshirt and their first EP back in 2015. They have a record deal and two albums now:

Also, while never really a favorite of mine, I went to school with the lead singer (lead growler, he's on the right end in the band photo) of this band:

Does that count as local? (The rest of the band is from elsewhere in Denmark, though, but Denmark is smaller than many US cities, sooo..)

@ajroach42 I followed this band around with a friend a while back, and we found ourselves performing at the same places occasionally:

@ajroach42 Darwin Prophet was a friend of ours and is not entirely in this world:

@ajroach42 "Amos the Transparent" are great, they've got a bunch of MVs at (and whole "This Cold Escape" album!) iTunes and physical media links at

"Sound of Lions" is no more, but their soundcloud's at (I love 11:44 as some chill vibes while working). The lead vocalist is now part of

Some guys from my high school were in Eppiphane - some live videos at (I do have a CD…)

@ajroach42 Also check out Kimberly Sunstrum, who's got a few albums and an EP up at

@kepstin @ajroach42

A friend of mine from high school played with this band. I don't know if he replaced Dennis Conroy or just sat in when he couldn't be at a gig.

@ajroach42 Also, just gonna put out a general call:

If anyone has a copy of the tape version of DJ D-Love's "Heartbeats", from Orlando circa 1997, I will pay you money.

@ajroach42 Here's one of my favorite bands in Philly that I saw in a basement shortly before the pandemic hit, they were just full of energy and having a blast:

This song has a fantastic chorus to sing along to, great for crowd participation.

@ajroach42 At the same Philly basement show were the members of The Pom-Poms, although IIRC they were playing Kitty's solo material:

This is just some of the most irresistible upbeat and danceable music, I often crank it up while cleaning the house.

@ajroach42 thanks for posting this btw, sooo many new music recs >:)))

@ajroach42 Back in my early 20's in Scranton PA there were 2 local bands in particular that I would go see all the time at local bars. Strangers With Candy (now known as Lifer - former Breaking Benjamin members) and Cider. The Strangers with Candy album is on Spotify. But Cider I can only seem to find this one video right now. I'll have to dig up the old CDs at some point and upload somewhere. Ah, the memories.

@ajroach42 This is a punk band from home town that I loved. This is all I can even find to link you to as they seem to be mostly not anywhere on the internet. They started out with the name Effigy and released an album titled "We Gave it a Try" that I had on CD back in the late 90s. Really good album and I still have the mp3s I ripped but the actual CD is long gone :'-(. After their first ablum they released two albums as The Primetime Heroes.

@ajroach42 PS. Their self-titled Primetime Heroes album has a sweet told TV on the cover.

@ajroach42 I will shamelessly plug my old band. I think that's fair seeing as we're no longer active. 😁
Have a listen here:

@ajroach42 I wonder if I can even find any of that. So much that used to be in my possession is now lost.

@ajroach42 I loved alchemist and liquid from my days going to Canberra youth club concerts, I did have some of their CD-Rs back in the day, no idea where they or the bands are now!

@ajroach42 Couple of Alchemist's songs made it to youtube:

Haven't found any Liquid yet. My CDs are still packed from moving, will be a while till I get to them!

@ajroach42 Conehead Buddha and Perfect Thyroid. Hudson Valley (NY) ska bands from the late nineties.

Grew up in Chicago suburbs
Scars of Fall - A Christian Emo band that would have made a much better Chicago-style post-rock band. I was joining to help make that happen when the drummer moved away and the band ceased to be.

Overflow - A grunge band that also features some good guitar solos from the lead vocalist/guitarist who can now be found here:

@ajroach42 The other big local bands in my scene were Lucky Boys Confusion and Plain White Ts, but I didn't like them very much. Although, I do have Plain White T's first self-produced album which they would probably be VERY embarrassed of now.

@ajroach42 @wakingrufus my favorite thing about the plain white ts is that they put hey there Delilah on like three consecutive albums until it took

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