I think the "de facto" part is what a lot of campaign finance reform proposals miss. It's not sufficient just to have laws disallowing certain kinds of campaign contributions. The money will find its way in anyway, and trying to regulate it just forces it underground.

It might turn out the real answer is more extreme than I'd be willing to accept. And I don't mean in the typical "the only solution is to destroy capitalism" way.

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The US Constitution mandates separation of church and state. Perhaps it also needs to mandate separation of industry and state.

I don't mean that the state cannot regulate industry, just that they must be kept independent from one another, not just de jure but de facto. No revolving doors, no campaign contributions.

I have no idea how to implement such a thing, but perhaps it could be the basis of a "post-capitalist" system?

"almost all major think tanks working on nuclear weapon issues took money from companies involved in the nuclear weapons industry" responsiblestatecraft.org/2021

I just realized November 24 is going to be the 50th anniversary of the D.B. Cooper caper!

Loki not-really-spoiler 

The specific type of aircraft is important because the 727 is one of the few (only?) commercial jetliners that had rear stairs.

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Loki not-really-spoiler 

In Loki, there’s a scene where you discover that Loki is D.B. Cooper. But they show him jumping out of the wrong kind of airplane! Maybe they couldn’t find a working 727 or recent-enough footage they could use?

Mycroft STILL hasn't shipped me the Mark II I preordered two years after they said they would, yet somehow they've been able to crowdfund a bunch of additional investment? What the fuck?

It's not at all clear to me that it's possible to be sufficiently incompetent that people won't throw huge amounts of money at you if you're in the right market.

Alright, I'm feeling several kinds of ways right now.

Fired up.

Ready to kick some shit.

Let's do it. Let's go. Let's change things.

If not us, who? If not now, when?

Microsoft has discovered a new even more obnoxious kind of CAPTCHA for minecraft.net.

The total grief CAPTCHAs cause users is more than sufficient to justify homicide against the leadership of companies that deploy them.

β€œGitOps is just an overhyped rebranding of what we were already doing in DevOps.”

Those who live in overhyped rebranding houses shouldn’t throw overhyped rebranding stones. DevOps is an overhyped rebranding of what we were already doing in large scale systems administration.

I seem to have just coined a phrase: motivated incompetence. That's when a powerful entity's incompetence screws over a less powerful group to the benefit of the powerful entity, and there is little or no incentive for the powerful entity to become competent.

Kind of done with angry white people on both ends of the political spectrum. The paradox of tolerance doesn’t justify unlimited intolerance of people who show even the slightest bit of intolerance.

K3s on HC4s and RPi4s 

Ok, I give up on trying to use the SSDs both for /var/lib/rancher and for Kubernetes storage. I'm just gonna put a fast USB stick in the two HC4s as well, put /var/lib/rancher on it, and give the entire SSD to Ceph.

GlusterFS & Kubernetes 

I'm not sure it's sustainable to manage GlusterFS backend storage using Ansible, though. This is what Heketi is for, but as I said before Heketi is in maintenance mode and GlusterFS automation support for Kubernetes appears to be dead.

I should probably just give up and use Ceph.

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XFS vs Ext4 with LVM 

It turns out that one of the things you can't do with XFS is shrink it, so I'm replacing my XFS volumes with ext4. Since my one two-brick GlusterFS volume isn't authoritative for anything yet, I could have just blown all the data away and recreated it, but I needed to learn how to do similar things without losing data, so I removed one brick at a time, unmounted the brick filesystem, reformatted, remounted, added back, ran a full heal.

The Nim programming language 

Ah, Nim solves this problem, too: arrays that start at 0 can be declared by just using their size instead of a range.

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Nim also has an interesting answer to whether arrays should be indexed starting at 0 or 1: array indexing starts at whatever number you want!

This seems like it would get a bit out of control if people just pick one based on their own personal preference. It seems like people should stick to a specific starting index unless there's a good reason to pick one, like when the index is being used for something else like an ASCII font that only includes printable characters.

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There's something about Nim's syntax that really rubs me the right way.

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