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TIL that the hypothesized common ancestor of all life on Earth would not have been that different in form from some bacteria that are still around today; the primary difference is that its genetic machinery would have been a lot more rudimentary. Which makes sense since bacteria are not much more than minimal defense and replication mechanisms for DNA.


@cwebber @aidalgol @kaniini trev's article provides some more context but yeah i agree with this account of things


with old mastos, i think probably 75% of the hate comes from negative associations from way back when pleroma was just a GS frontend and masto was limited to just m.s and our options were basically federate with people who hated us or don't federate at all. the fediverse has changed a lot since then…

T-Mobile has apparently rolled out this feature where they tag calls THEY think are likely to be scams as "Likely Scam" in Caller ID. Which OF COURSE has false positives. One of those false positives is VictorOps. Imagine if it were some small business trying to reach legit customers, though.

There are certain skills that are necessary no matter what tools you use; you could call these "irreducible" skills. Tools should help people learn these skills, not help people do a subset of what skilled people do while making them dependent on the tool.

Ironically, the particular skill I happen to be thinking of is marketing, which Medium and Facebook like to pretend you don't need to know.

Capitalism loves products that make it so people can do stuff without having to learn anything, because they then become dependent on that product. The farther we go down this road, the larger the divide becomes between "producers" and "consumers".

At least marketing on Facebook can be kinda sorta justified, because it helps with discoverability. But there's no excuse whatsoever for Medium.

I don't understand *at all* why a company would be willing to publish marking material in a "Medium" where there's a "Get Started" button in the top right AND an overlay at the bottom that tries to get the reader to sign up for ANOTHER COMPANY'S product.

If your marketing director thinks this is a good idea, FIRE THEM.

what naming scheme do you use for your computers (if any)?

(boost so more people can answer)


There is an ICE protest starting at the ICE office Downtown #LosAngeles: 300 N Los Angeles St. "occupy style"

Anyone heading there, let me know what you find and what resources are needed.

I work for a small company that designs and manufactures a fair amount of high-tech radio gear in the United States. Like, our products are designed in Rochester NY, built in a factory in the SF Bay area, warehoused in NYC, and sold around the world.

We may not be able to do this any more. Pretty much all of our raw materials are going to get 25% more expensive in a few weeks. Only way around it? Move manufacturing out of the US.


Our software's complexity will increase until it justifies our headcount

And remember that the simplest and safest form of piracy is also the oldest: share with your friends.

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Like seriously if we can't put a stop to this shit then we don't deserve to survive as a species.

It doesn't matter if this thing passes or not. It should have been UNTHINKABLE. We need to make it unthinkable by destroying the industry that made it thinkable.

It's time to go full pirate. Cancel ALL your streaming service subscriptions. Stop buying books from mainstream publishers. Buy CC content and pirate (or better yet don't consume) everything else.