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Boosting or posting Dilbert = instant unfollow.

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This doesn't mean you shouldn't send me a follow request, though! My account is only locked to minimize the chance of follows by trolls or leakage of posts to undesirable servers.

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Please fill out a profile and post some stuff before trying to follow me, or send me a DM introducing yourself.

How can we save the world if we can't even get people to stop spitting gum into urinals?

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I really don't want to see Twitter shit on here

#LibSSH vulnerable to an attack where the actor sends a successful #authentication message to the server instead of sending an authentication request. #GitHub are not affected apparently. Neither is the famous #OpenSSH. Rest easy folks #infosec #security

Youtube going down is, in my opinion, another reminder of the issues of having one semi-monopoly platform for such an important and useful service. When the platform that is the only place that does the thing goes down, you can't do the thing.

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Land value tax is perhaps the most popular tax among economists, left to right. From Joseph Stiglitz (see Henry George Theorem) to Milton Friedman (who called it the least bad tax). It's been a success everywhere it's been implemented, from Singapore to Denmark.

- Progressive
- Impossible to move offshore or shift to tenants
- No deadweight losses, no distortions, as taxing land doesn't reduce the amount of land.


#georgism #lvt #landvaluetax

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Right-wing group camped out on rooftop with stockpile of weapons at Portland rally, and police kept quiet boingboing.net/2018/10/16/righ

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