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Followers on mastodon.social, consider this your official notice that you need to find another instance to follow me from. I no longer accept followers from there and will be removing any remaining followers that are still on there.

Fuck Eugen.

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Please fill out a profile and post some stuff before trying to follow me, or send me a DM introducing yourself.

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@thegibson what if we had, like, a World Wide Web, but NOT all running on one computer in Jeff Bezos' basement

@emacsen @cwebber
I think I may have the answer: free hosting of free software web apps, with donation/subscription buttons and some kind of libre storage option, e2e encrypted of course. Maybe with a JS implementation of Tahoe-LAFS? I should track down Zooko and see if I can get him to put down ZCash long enough to find someone to implement that.

Firefox's Multi-Account Containers add-on is awesome but, what about all the random browsing you do on a daily basis? I stumbled across this gem the other day and it's taken containers to a whole new level but automagically creating temporary containers for new sites you browse to. I highly recommend it: addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firef

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Anyone know Mongo really well and wanna work in Santa Clara?

I was really enthusiastic about WASM for a while, but it's going to make it a lot easier to make and distribute proprietary software. It could end up being devastating to the free software movement. Any thoughts, @cwebber or @emacsen ?

Don't use "identifies" when you mean "is". There's no reason to say "this person identifies as female" rather than "this person is female" except to imply that they really aren't.

Similarly, "gender identity" is redundant. Say "gender".

I think growing up in a world where all CPUs work basically the same way is a serious handicap for programmers.

They haven't always worked this way, and they won't always work this way. We've hit the limits of SMP and ISAs that pretend to be fast PDP-11s.

Hey South SF Bay Area folks, when we getting together for food/drinks/coffee/whatever?

Are there any public Merkle trees out there for "not after" proofs? A blockchain solution would work fine too as long as it's not too expensive (penny or less per hash) and not a hack.

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"In Morocco there are officially no political prisoners, because activists are not prosecuted for their political acts but on trumped up charges, especially for terrorism -- with terrorism it's very easy, because the process is streamlined and defending is more complicated. The West doesn't know or care about these cases."

"I don't want Apple, Google, or Facebook decide what terrorism and violent content is. I'm not sure we need an international body for that either."

"Christchurch Call mirrors closely EU cyberterrorism law. EU laws enable other places, including Russia, to pass similar laws that can be used to suppress speech in places like Russia."


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