Does anyone know of browser extensions that help pollute surveillance capitalist datasets like Google Analytics?

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Pollute mass surveillance datasets.

Reduce your information footprint to reduce the signal to noise ratio of mass surveillance datasets.

Stop helping surveillance capitalist companies make money.

Increase the number of people using encryption to eliminate the "only criminals use encryption" canard and increase the cost of focusing surveillance on those using encryption.

Hard for me to remember that there WAS in fact a time when people would routinely put their phone numbers and other PII in E-mail/Usenet signatures.

And nobody took advantage of it! :)

To all the new users:

Mastodon is like Twitter, but without the crappy attitudes, crappy algorithms and bad manners.

Here you work harder to find peeps, but once you do, it's an amazing place to be and interact with. #twitter #mastodon #fosstodon

UK news / birdsite link / near miss 

According to Sky News, the Bank of England had to intervene to stop everyone's pensions collapsing. So... things are going "great" 😬

Bitwarden can now automatically create masked emails on Fastmail!

It seems like "Log off! Log off now!" from that CSI episode with Second Life may have been just a little too early to have become a meme.

If you happen to know of one or are interested enough to make one, please send it to me :D

Buy all your friends and family members a account for their birthday.

Our friend is ordering a bunch of LPs from the UK because the GBP's weakness against the dollar makes everything there so cheap for Americans.

War thread 

There are now reports of mobilised men being sent to the frontlines right away, without any training whatsoever. Some telegram channels report that Putin is planning to try the old soviet ww2 tactic of drowning the opponent in blood. How is it possible to put so little value on human life? Why do they need more territory if the vast lands they already have are in such poor state? I have so much rage in me right now...

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@Wintermute_BBS Are there any C64 compatible MUDs? Petscii and color terminals are a bit different on the C64. 40 columns and different character set...

While it doesn't really qualify as "actively harming their tech", one thing I think we need is automatic account creation with email-based authentication. I think this works especially well for applications like photo sharing, where you can send someone a special invite link that will instantly create their account when they click on it, perhaps with one additional email verification step. Such a flow also obviates the need for anything like a CAPTCHA to prevent spam.

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How do we go beyond simply creating replacements for their tech, and start actively harming their tech?

We talk about market failures all the time, but when governments fail to meet even their most basic responsibilities, we just shrug and talk about how hard it is and go on with our lives.

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