The Duane Eddy recommendation was a good one. Thanks @ajroach42 ! It is somehow not really surf rock but very much has the same kind of energy and sound that I love about surf rock. At least this Have Twangy Guitar Will Travel album does. I need to explore more Duane Eddy.

When I want a "real computer" near me in the kitchen or whatever the Pinephone palmtop is so much more manageable than lugging a laptop from place to place.

How I make this Pinephone work for me. tut, amfora, elinks, newsboat, aerc, ncmpcpp, mpv...occasionally firefox.

I have a tempered glass screen protector that I have yet to put on my pinephone. I kind of want a matte one though.

Somebody or multiple people are really taking care of my astrobotany ficus and I sincerely thank you, whoever you are. <3

One feature I like about this firmware is being able to set the "sleep" time. At 1 AM it's like, the exact time no longer matters. GO THE F TO BED! :-D

Anyone know if there are any good keepass cli programs?

First Toot!

I make authentic NES graphics, sometimes NES games. This is for a game of mine under the codename "Borscht".

#PixelArt #RetroGaming

Anyone have any recommendations for open source 3D CAD software they like? I hear the workflow with CAD is quite a bit different than other 3D modeling and I'm thinking it might be fun to try out.

Some people were wondering about the fate of Just in case anyone has missed it, DZ's twitter account just posted the following update (with context):

Jan 16:
we're having a network outage here and diode zone is not connected to the internet; no ETA yet

Jan 16:
this could be a long outage unfortunately, all indications are that the problem is outdoors and localized, no service appointments until tuesday

Jan 18:
root cause identified: squirrel

Jan 18:
and we are back online, thanks for your patience everyone! there was a squirrel-chewed fiber up on the utility pole here affecting multiple buildings, techs were able to route around it this morning.

Now my Pinephone palmtop is a snapcast playback node and music server control center.

Here's a book that changed my life, it's about growing food at sea, and living on the water, instead of constantly having to to resupply in cities. I recommend it even if you're not planning to sail, if you're interested in food preservation, dehydrating, water collection, the names of algae, etc..

It's on libgen.


battery life update. I got the low battery watchface yesterday afternoon but it kept telling the time until after midnight. So that makes the total run time about 6 days. Not too shabby!

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