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This review is as a years long NixOS user, btw.

Maniac Mansion exists because Gary and I were too stupid to know it couldn't be done. As I get older and more experienced I am losing the ability to be too stupid to know things can't be done. Experience can be a curse.

I've been a bread making machine lately, er the bread machine is the actual bread making machine but I've been making a lot of bread lately is what I'm trying to say. Since we moved it took a while to find a good spot for it because our kitchen is small and there isn't really any spare counter space to keep a big bread machine on at all times. Lugging it out and putting it away constantly was a huge pain so I ended up just not making bread very often. Now we have a spot for it that it can stay so it is much easier now.

Drying racks dry your dishes but what dries the drying rack, huh? Checkmate big dishes.

Ok, I'm warming up a heat pack for one part of my decrepit old body and grabbing an ice pack for a different part and I'm going to lay down and read some comics for a little while before bed instead of dicking around with comic software and downloading more comics.

So I found a nice little utility that can convert comic files from cbr to cbz and also resize the images to reduce file size. Experimenting with converting comics to cbz and reducing them to the Pinetab's resolution which results in noticeably better performance.

Things I discovered this evening:

- There is a Snoopy on Mars comic book
- There is a 2 part Futurama/Simpsons crossover comic book
- There is a Firefly comic book series
- There are 7 official Firefly novels (also 1 fan novel)

The petition to remove #LGBT content from the uk curriculum now has 190,671 signatures, sigh. It only needed 100k to force a debate in parliament, so that will be scheduled by #Uk Gov.

The counter petition is rapidly gaining ground, being newer. It now has 33,030 signatures, but we need more!

Pls sign if uk, boost otherwise! 👇

Link to official petition to UK Gov & Parliament: Do not remove LGBT content from the Relationships Education curriculum

#LGBTQ #TransRights is the comic viewer I like the most so far of the ones I've tried. I may try to compile it myself on postmarketOS to see if it runs well on the Pinetab.

More stuff about tablets and comic readers 

One drawback of a tablet as digital comic reader is full page spreads. They can't do it the same as a comic book.

So far the hardest part of using the Pinetab as a comic reader is finding comic viewer software. There are lots of programs for reading comics but approximately none of them are in any offical repos. Annoying.

Are eu familiar with the eye? It's no ordinary eye. It's the-eye.

Started messing around with an idea for Origami puzzles to submit to @kelbot 's Smolzine. A lot harder than I was expecting, getting a balance between looking correct and being easy to follow is a challenge. The plan is to make a framework so building puzzles becomes trivial. If anyone has suggestions for some super basic Origami patterns that wouldn't require many three-dimensional folds, I'd love to hear them!

hey o/

this is the usb zine, a project started by me (@protodrew) with the goal of creating a monthly curated collection of art, writing, music, and more created by my local community.

The goal is to distribute via free 1gb USB drives locally and post selected works (with permission of the creators) on a website and gemini capsule on!

really excited to meet more fediverse #zine people and learn a lot along the way!


Another week with clowns! #CircusInPlace is starting now :D

Come hang out with us, co-work at a living room gym. We'll be around for the next 6 hours or so.

Webtoons work pretty well on the Pinephone since they are designed to be scrolled vertically.

Oh I found a webtoons downloader that works last night so now I can catch up on Seed more easily.

Comic Reading Device 

I tried using my Thinkpad Yoga 12 in tablet mode for this last night. It works ok but it's bigger and heavier than I'd like for reading comics.

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Comic Reading Device 

Got suggestions for android tablets and iPads. A tablet form factor makes the most sense to me too. I certainly won't be buying any apple products and probably not an android tablet either but I do think the tablet type of device makes the most sense. Something thin and light and roughly comic book sized.

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