Dang all this PDA stuff really makes me want a PDA with the low power and low cost tech we have now. Imagine how great a PDA would be with color sharp memory lcd like the Pebble Time used and an ESP32 or similar. Plus the improved resolutions and touch panels.

So I dont' know what I want to do regarding my recent PDA talk. Clearly I am drawn to something about the PDA/Palm Pilot paradigm of personal computing. Would I find enough value in an actual PDA from the early 2000s? Do I continue attempting to hack together some sort of hotsync style scripts to use with devices I already have and use? IDK. I think part of the pleasantness of using PDAs was the hardware being designed to match the way the software worked.

I think it tells you a lot about gemini that I can just search for something like Palm OS on such a young and small platform and get a lot of hits.

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Any of you fellow retro computing geeks deep into Palm stuff know whether there was a model that had AAA batteries, b/w display and a USB port?

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I've been scheming ways to shoehorn PDA style syncing functionality onto a couple of my little gaming handhelds. It might not be a terrible idea to pickup a $20 actual PDA that I remember and see what parts of that still resonate with me today. I'm thinking a b/w model preferrably that uses AAA batteries instead of rechargeable.

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I'm starting to talk myself into snagging a dirt cheap PDA just to play palmOS games.

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I'm in love with this hardware design. Sony's hardwre is so good it's too bad they've always shot themselves in the foot with their proprietary media format and connector garbage.

By going the offline PDA route you also avoid all the potential security issues of having always on networking and need to constantly update to patch vulnerabilities.

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Router saga 

I've reverted our network for the time being to the previous main router, a Mikrotik RB2011. No crashes at all with wife's work computers doing whatever they do. It is a very solid router but I'm missing the greater coverage of the freemesh wireless setup.

There is still plenty of useful stuff you can do on a PDA and they could still make a lot of sense if that meshes with how you want to use such a portable computing device. Keeping more e-waste out of the landfill, using very little elecricity, interface design is more humane. Plus the whole angle @requiem is coming from of having control over the data on your device. Knowing that it isn't just going to be yanked out from under you intentionally or unintentionally.

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I can't even remember which all Palm Pilot models I had back in the day. Browsing all the models now and I had a couple Palm models, definitely a Handspring Visor. I'm not sure if I had any others.

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Now really does feel like the time to pick up Palm Pilot just because they are so cheap and plentiful enough right now. In another 5-10 years that may no longer be the case. Just from a neat tech history perspective I'm kind of considering getting one just to have.

Dangit, if someone makes a gemini client for palm os I don't know if I'll be able to resist getting a PDA again.

Awesome, the latest release of tut added icons beside each item in the notifications pane to indicate whether it is a fave, boost or reply with having to scroll to it.

Status: So annoyed with routers that I'm about to give up networking completely.

Anyone know what these electronics components are? They're in an Arduino kit, but they don't look familiar and we can't match them with anything on the list. The kid & I both think they're some sort of capacitor, but we can't decipher the markings.

Extremely frustrating router problem 

Continuing to have these frequent router crashes where all connectivity just disappears and requires a hard reboot. What's baffling is that we had zero of these router drops last week while my wife was out of town. The second she gets home and connects her work Windows PC and personal Macbook to the network it's crashes galore.

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