Check this one out. Ultimate nerd combo. Disc golf disc with electronics and "code" printed on it.

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My discs finally came! Just as a hurricane is bearing down on us so I guess I'll still be waiting a bit before I get to test them out.

TIL our house is in one of the highest spots of a very low and flat state. If sea level rose 200 feet we would still be dry. Although we'd live on an island X-).

Finally tracked down a flac version of this Ready Men album. Good surf/garage album.

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I did a search on reddit to see how many of the disc golfers had played the ps move sports champions game on ps3. There are quite a few people that credit that game with getting them into the sport. Some even said they thought it was a fictitious sport and when they found out it was real they started playing IRL.

My disc golf disc order that was supposed to arrive yesterday is still not here and that makes me sad. It says tomorrow now but we'll see.

Ebike transportation 

One place I can get easily in under 10 min is the grocery store. When there isn't two kids occupying it the trailer can hold a surprising amount of groceries. A full shopping cart worth of stuff fits pretty easily. Plus I still have the rack and cargo box if there is any overflow.

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Ebike transportation 

It takes me 10 mins to get to my kids' school. I take the safest route which is 2.3 miles. The most direct route, if it were safe, is 1.7 miles. A whole 0.6 miles out of the way. This is with numerous stop signs and two stop lights to traverse. On one hand car-centric road design sucks because it makes me have to take a longer route. But on the other hand I can at least make it there feeling relatively safe and there are lots of places I can get to on bike in general within a pretty pleasant 10 min or less ride. This school just happens to be on the other side of a big busy road. Most everything else I need/want to go to rarely requires crossing any major roads. This is about as good as it gets in the US for cycling unless you live in a downtown area of a decent size city.

Cars vs bikes/pedestrians 

In case you were wondering how the car vs bike/pedestrian battle is going in the US...

"I'm thinking of wearing spikes just to ruin their tires with my corpse..."

Minidisc idea: thermal printer labels for making mix discs. Once the label fades enough that it's hard to read it's time to make a new mix disc.

Hey video nerds! I want to find a client that I can use to livestream (to peertube) a playlist from a headless server.

Ideally, I'd have a really really easy way to override it from my local machine with actual live content rather than a playlist, but I'll deal with that being slightly cumbersome if I can get just regular playlist livestreaming from a command line client.

These are terms that don't return good search results, or possibly I am bad at using modern search engines?

Regardless, I would welcome suggestions or tips if you have them.

(I'm going to offer local acts I know some cash to come do a live, twenty minute TV set, acoust-ish at the coffee shop.

If you wanna do a live broadcast concert from a north GA coffee shop, or antique mall basement or attic, or maker space atrium, hit me up)

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Got a new Ryobi 40V battery since my 4+ year old one died a couple weeks ago. As I would have guessed there are a bunch of 18650s in there and it is not uncommon for the board inside them to die while most/all of the cells are still serviceable. I need to find my torx bits so I can get in there and harvest them.

But yeah, first live stream from New Ellijay TV. It's a really ugly rough test.

Find out if it works with us!

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Where are my battery nerds at? Specifically AA/AAA type batteries?

A while back I bought one of those La Crosse battery chargers and a bunch of Eneloop AAs and AAAs. It worked great, and it had a bunch of modes and stuff that I hardly ever used but were nice to have.

I gave it away, thinking oh I'll just get another one. But they don't make them any more and I can't seem to find anything like it now. Has battery tech changed? Am I looking in the wrong place?

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