Working on my Palm OS software list for my gemini capsule. Planning to get the list and descriptions finished tonight but will save getting the actual links to the files for another night.

List is done minus the links to files. Unless I think of or find anything else that deserves to be on the list.

Alright alright, it's finished for now. My recommended Palm OS software complete with direct downloads. If you think there's anything good I'm missing let me know.


@kelbot something I would love to see on your new Palm OS list is screenshot(s) of each of the apps. :)

Not sure if Palm OS actually can do screenshots, so I guess it would have to be actual photos?

@kelbot that OmniRemote sounds quite handy btw. :)

(Though my MiA1 phone also has a decent app for that, irplus)

@kelbot yeah, Xiaomi kept that in quite some of their models.

Attached are screenshots of the #irplus app with some of the layouts I use / have used.

@FiXato Ah yes, who doesn't love forklift ads on their TV remote X-P.

@kelbot hehe, yeah, the ads are a bit annoying, but they are small and mostly in my blind spot. :) It's also not like I use the app a lot.

Do wish they would have an IAP option to disable them, or a paid version, as I would happily toss them a couple of bucks for an ad-free experience.

@FiXato Those are probably the two most well known and loved games on Palm OS. Bejeweled I just don't get into that much. It's a good and lots of people like it though. Space Trader is fun too.

@kelbot @FiXato I remember beta-testing Bejeweled for Astraware on some of the first ARM-based Palm OS devices years ago. It certainly delayed a few of the CodeWarrior for Palm OS patch releases :)

@FiXato Thinking about it a photo of my PDA with the app open might actually be a better choice. 160x160 screenshots aren't real easy to see on modern display resolutions :).

@kelbot thumbnail-sized full-screen screenshots xD

@FiXato A couple of the sites that I found most of them on already have screenshots of the apps. I will probably just borrow them if I do that. :)

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