I am a bit surprised to say I've switched to #KDE. It has a very good tiling window extension, useful integration with #Android, #Zmodem support in #konsole, and, oh yes, EXTERNAL MONITORS JUST WORK RIGHT. changelog.complete.org/archive

2/ I had been using #xmonad for many years but it became impossible to find an environment that worked both with it and got display switching right.

3/ I tried #Gnome under #Wayland, but the hanging and the severe lack of customizability and logs were really getting on my nerves.


@jgoerzen Did you know you can replace KWin with other tiling window managers? You could replace it with xmonad and have the benefits of both. Disclaimer: I have not tried this so no clue how well it works in practice.

@kelbot You know, I had it in my head that #xmonad wasn't compatible with the newer #KDE but it looks like I may have been wrong! But I'd need a replacement for #xmobar...

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