Alright, I'm going to make a serious effort to live as much of my life in emacs as possible for a few days next week, and see how that goes.

What are the vital emacs extensions, in your esteemed opinions?

Is there a good gopher client? Markdown preview? Automatic Jeckylling? git integration? email client? Libpurple interface?

Like, there's gotta be a mastodon client for emacs, right?

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@ajroach42 1) godspeed, 2) please write up something about it when you're done! I keep wanting to try the emacs life but have never gotten there.

This may be partially b/c all the e-mail clients scare me.

@hummingrain I'll definitely write up something about it.

Now that I have a decent computer (and I should be getting paid tomorrow, so I can get internet at home again) I'm expecting to be writing a lot more, again.

@ajroach42 is there a text web browser? You could probably use brutaldon.

@ajroach42 there is mastodon.el, or you can use brutaldon in the built-in browser

@tomey @ajroach42 for git, magit is considered best of all git client.

for email, it's hard to setup. but there's gnus (builtin, hard to learn) and mu4e and others.

there's markdown mode. but in general people use org-mode instead.

there are one or more packages for Jeckylling, well integrated. should be trivial to find.

@tomey @ajroach42 one can start emacs from scratch. Learn n built up one's own config.
or, there's several starter kits with all things bundled.

@ajroach42 magit for git; no question. for libpurple I'd recommend erc+bitlbee. mu4e is good for mail if you can pull stuff into a maildir using offlineimap or mbsync.

@technomancy @ajroach42 Magit is so good! It's the best Git integration I know of.

A few recommendations then:
* org-mode - a GTD-ready, mature, outline-based note-taking mode;
* gnus - news/mail user-agent (it's got a quite different approach to email so be prepared to spend more than a week before you feel comfortable);
* markdown support is available via packages and supports a WYSIWYG-like display;
* for git, please try using magit - it is pure awesomeness!

For git magit is simply the best interface ever conceived

Mail try wanderlust or gnus I'd guess

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