So, how is everyone?

I feel like I've been especially scattered these last few weeks.

Then again, I feel like I always feel that way.

Let me throw some updates out in to the aether and see what sticks.


Status Updates 

progress has slowed but not stopped as I teach myself how to use my new drag knife cutter and sewing machine.

should be back online tomorrow or Friday.

boxes should be done for everyone I'm making them for by the second week of December. I'm cutting it close on time, but the hard work is already finished.

should have a new episode up before next Monday, and another shortly behind it.

Status Updates 

I've also started writing an episode in which Jack fails to kill bigfoot because Climate Change, which I think will be fun.

Uhhh... has seen some progress recently too, and it should be ready for contributions eventually.

And I've decided to buy a telecine rig for what I'll call but which is really just me archiving film reels to digital files that I can share on and peertube.

Speaking of which:

I have movies and TV shows on peertube. I'll be adding more in the coming weeks/months.

There are 36 TV episodes, 13 film serial episodes, and 37 movies currently available. Mostly scifi and horror, with some adventure and some other garbage.

Status Updates 

@ajroach42 Was wondering about JG, now the domain seems to be gone.

Status Updates 

@danhunsaker Yeah, the finished project might get called something different, and there's another domain that I'm using and ...

I haven't done a good job of managing this project, but I do work on it often. I'll be sure to loop you in when I start letting people get onboard.

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